questionsis my cat a thief?


It's under the furniture. The Intern told me this is likely. :)


Check under the dressers, couches, etc. My cat will bat things around and then lose interest once it's in a place that isn't easily accessible.

I hope you find it.


I wish you luck in your search. My mother had a cat that would steal rings. I was missing a ring for more than a year, then one day it was lying on my bed. We eventually found her stash place--behind a box in a storage room. Worse than a pack-rat!


Has Camry recently acquired a mysterious new bag of catnip or gotten those cute, pink press-on nail caps she's been wanting for so long? If so, I would check the local pawn shops.


You could try putting an object of similar weight and size like maybe a bottle cap down for her to play with and then watch the places it tends to slide out of view. Not cat-related, but I misplaced one of a pair of earrings and held onto the mate for about seven years (inexpensive, but sentimental value). When I had my carpets pulled out and replaced with laminate hardwood, they found the missing earring. Evidently years before when I'd had the house re-carpeted, they had carpeted over the earring and it was there all along. I re-united them and have worn them many times since.


My (almost) namesake a thief? Never! She is just doing what cats do best--playing with her kingdom of toys. Unfortunately for you, her kingdom is the same as yours and your "playthings" also belong to her-- (She loves you Mommy). But the good news is that the earring will reappear sooner or later. Just remember that "watched pots never boil."

One other thing: I really think that our kitty cats read our minds (thoughts). My Tiger kitty had been ignoring me all morning until I started reading and answering this question. Now, he won't get off of my keyboard. Jealousy?


Short answer: probably.

Also, she may be plotting to kill you:


I would say yes. Cats are nefarious beings.
On a related note, my new rescue cat finally learned how to sleep at night. I have had two nights in a row without crashes, bumps, thuds, foot-attacks. She is convinced that feet exist only to be swatted and bitten.


One of my cats steals yarn, including active knitting projects if they're small enough for him to tote away.

Look behind/under every piece of furniture, and don't forget to check in floor vents.


Wonderful answers! Just to clear up a few things, the earring disappeared from my bathroom which has ceramic tile floors so no carpet or furniture for the earring to be under. I fear it might have fallen into the sink while being swatted to the floor, but a flashlight doesn't show anything as far as I can see.

I am heading to yet another volunteer meeting (retirement is wearing me out), so I am giving the search a break for a while, but when I return I plan to bait a trap (i.e., leave something similar in that spot) and to spy on her to see if she will lead me to her (alleged) stash.

I have to get to the bottom of this soon! And after learning that all of her cute behavior is secretly a part of her nefarious plans to do me in, I don't know if I will ever sleep again!


I wish you well in your search! One trick I use also is to turn off the lights and shine a flashlight around. Makes things easier to spot, too.

(And don't be surprised if it's far from the bathroom at this point! :)


Yes, she just saw a bright shiny object that looked suspiciously like a toy! It's bound to be hidden somewhere!

My cats have a TON of toy mice, and after a few weeks, I can't find half of them. Then, one time I went to move my mattress (I have bed frames that are built into the wall, so you can't look under the bed unless you move the mattress/boxspring...totally wierd, I know) to flip it around and couldn't understand why the cats all sniffed in the one spot along the wall. I shined a flashlight down there, and ta-da! 14 play mice! Apparently they play with them on the bed, and they fall down alongside the wall. In fact, I think it's time I look there again, who knows what I'll find this time.

But, an even funnier story of a true theif cat. My Siamese opened up a drawer that I had saved about $200 in, then took only $50 bill and was walking around my room with it...she avoided the 20's, 10's and 5's's like she knew! Glad I caught her before she ate or hid it!


Wow, the cat must be part ferret. Or maybe trained by a ferret!
Check your vacuum bag before you throw it away.


My cats will bat and carry all sorts of "toys" around the house. One of them particularly likes to play with things in the kitchen (only room with linoleum and near his food, so that might be it). He'll take something to the kitchen from multiple rooms away. Unfortunately he usually ends up batting things under the refrigerator or stove. When he's low on toys, I run a yard stick under there to recover everything he's pushed under there. So you might check under things in other rooms.


Your cat may not be the actual thief. It probably told cat friends/buddies about the treasure. Then let them into your house to steal it. An accessory to the theft... Does she have that innocent far-away look when you ask what happened to the earring?

Cats are crafty, intelligent and Sly. Maybe you should have named this one Don. ;-)


Good luck finding your earring. If it was in a carpeted place, it couldn't have gotten too far if she just batted it around, but hopefully she didn't just pick it up and move it elsewhere...

I was staying with my aunt and uncle earlier this year on a trip and they have a house cat. The dang cat could open doors, which is quite unnerving because the bathroom had no lock... Anyway, the cat didn't sleep at night either. I found this out the first night when the cat quietly opened the door to the bedroom I was sleeping in, hopped up onto the bed and preceded to stare at me until I woke up a few moments later. It was quite a start to me opening my eyes to see a cat face 5 inches from mine. It then continued to try to lay on my chest while I tried to sleep, which of course I couldn't do. I had to barricade the door with my suitcase to keep that cat out.


Check every nook, crack, cranny, and cushion. One of our cats (Frank--not quite a year old) is a klepto-kat. One of his favorite places to tuck his finds is under our carpets and between the cushions/behind the pillows on our family room sofa.

The little bugger has even gone as far as to swipe a thumbdrive. My daughter had a big lecture to deliver for one of her college classes and had all of her slides loaded on the drive. She placed the drive on top of her stack of books and stepped into the bathroom. When she came out, the drive was gone and panic ensued. Luckily we had an extra drive to reload the info. She found the drive several days later all the way across the room behind the leg of a "Ready Room" chair. He's a tucker.


My cats stole 2 of those plastic wrist bands from me. I still have not been able to find them.


Our kitty has several favorite stashes for "her " stuff. She guards them jealously and paces if someone is near or worse in her stuff. Her stuff includes all pens, wireties, rubberbands, ect. She does have mice balls and other normal cat toys but pens, strings and the rings from around the milk are the current favorites.

Last night she was loudly playing and meyowling. When we got up this morning, she had raided my purse for a little tube of super glue I had placed in there to take to work with me today. It was still in the middle of the floor and not put away safe in the stash, yet. I snatched it back and left. After arriving at work, I figured out she had poked a hole in the tube and the glue was junk. The little brat is lucky she did not stick herself to something or glue her jaw shut. Left a note to self, zip purse and keep superglue locked up.

Good luck on the search. She is not a thief, she owns you and everything there is hers by right as the queen.


Ceramic tile floors are ice hockey rinks to cats. Look a looooong distance away for a possible slap shot. Good luck.


@pattiq: Queen Camry! LOL!

These stories just keep getting better!

Right now DH is trying to play ball with the Shih Tzu. She won't play if Camry is anywhere around because she KNOWs that Camry is faster than she is. Shih Tzus might have been the pet of royals, but cats ARE the royals!


@belyndag: If you think it might have fallen into the sink, you should remove the drain trap to see if it's caught in there.


Two days ago, one of my cats pulled a string tie off of a costume my husband had upstairs in our bedroom, carried it downstairs to me on the couch and expected me to play with him. This is the same cat who picked up a credit card my husband dropped on the floor and brought it straight to me.

He loves to pick up random things and try to get me to play with them. And they usually belong to my husband. It's like the cat is trying to redistribute wealth in our household.

I guess the relevance to this question is that some cats will pick things up and carry them far away from where they started. You might have to look EVERYWHERE for your earring.