questionswhat should be done with stolen mail/packageā€¦


Did you get any tracking information, or a confirmation from FedEx that your package was actually marked as delivered? I've had packages go missing before, and usually the post office makes me wait like 2 weeks before they will even look into it.


I got no tracking information regarding the package, the package was not insured, and there was no signature required on the delivery. After inquiring about the package, I got the tracking number and the package was confirmed as delivered but I was hope all day and saw nothing.

FedEx just called me back and said that it was likely one of two scenarios, that the package was delivered to the wrong house, or that the package was stolen. Both of which they can't and won't do anything about.

Frustration levels rising. And a BOC of all things!


I've really only had 1 lost package and it was sent to the wrong town. (amazon, not woot) I don't know what happened. Address was correct on the order. Anyway, the carrier was no help. Amazon ultimately sent another to me. With something like the BOC, you're hosed because it can't really be replaced. If you get a replacement or refund from woot, you'll never know if it was of equal value.
Preventative measures:
If you create an account on FedEx and UPS, you may have some options for delivery instructions. (ex: where/if to leave package if you're not home) One or both may make you pay for that privilege though...I don't recall. Either will give you free email or text updates when your package is delivered. (anything shipped to your address) I don't think USPS does anything like that.
Get a security cam system to monitor your porch. Seeing the camera might scare people away and if not, at least you'll know if it was ever delivered to you and who took it if it was.


I did have UPS try to deliver a package of mine to a neighbor, but they refused it. Luckily they don't get many packages and were like, "WTH"? Otherwise, it would have been marked delivered.

Yesterday, UPS covered 2 boxes on my porch with our welcome joke. One of the boxes was like 24 inches tall... Would-be thief says, "Oh I thought it was a box to take, but it's just a floating welcome mat...moving on."


Would not be surprised if @prettywootprincess did not send you another if the situation does not get resolved with FedEx. Woot always goes above and beyond with stuff like this. I say send a message to CS. May not get much help but at least it is a start.

Perhaps someone that can help will see this.


@conanthelibrarian: Steps have been taken in this direction already. We are working with FedEx to see what their "call" is going to be in terms of what happened with the package and if they are going to take responsibility for the lost package.

Realistically, I don't have a clue what is going to happen. I have my fingers crossed but at the same time I don't want to count my chickens yet.


Wacky suggestion, but have you made absolutely 100% sure they didn't just deliver it someplace strange: the wrong door, under the patio furniture, in a bush, etc. Also, is there any possible way someone other than yourself could have taken it in? I've worked for a company that sent things mostly by FedEx and as strange as it sounds, those things do happen. Sometimes they put things in illogical places, I'd do a full walk-around of the perimeter of the house and yard just in case.


@starblind: Fun to say I did multiple perimeter checks. I checked with close neighbors to see if they had received anything by accident and...nothing. Tracking stated the package was placed next to the front door, nothing.

Appreciate your input though.


I had a package go missing last year. After a couple of weeks, I gave up hope of ever seeing the item. Then one day it appeared on my front porch. It had been delivered to a house with the same address number, just one block over. They wrote on it to let me know what had happened. It took them a while to get it to me, for whatever reason, but they did the neighborly thing in the end. Maybe you'll get as lucky, too.


Similar situation shared only for empathy: $10 purchase from vendor who frequently posts here didn't arrive. At the three week point I emailed them, since they had no available tracking info. They said it had been shipped and delivered safely to my local PO and gave me tracking data. Sure enough, the USPS website said the package had been received by my local PO but it did not show any "out for delivery" or "delivered" notation. Printed out that page, took it to the local PO, and they flat refused to accept any responsibility. Told me that it was probably marked as received in error (!!!), and that they close out everything after 14 days; anything undelivered is returned to sender and I should file a claim with the sender so their insurance would cover it.. So neither vendor nor USPS would take responsibility for it. Should have just disputed the charge with my credit card company but instead wrote it off as a learning experience.


@bsmith1: Our long-time USP guy once covered two small boxes on the front steps with a 50-lb bag of mulch (from a stack near the front door) because it was pouring rain, the screened-porch door was stuck so he thought it was locked, and he was afraid the rain would totally destroy the boxes and their contents.

We were actually thrilled with his quick-thinking initiative (since he always puts the many parcels we receive inside the porch for us), especially in the midst of our monsoon-like rains.


Fedex "delivered" a package to me a couple months ago. Only there was no package and I was home all day so I know they didn't deliver it. Tracking said they did though. The next day it shows up on my porch and the person that delivered it was wearing a Fedex uniform. They didn't ring the doorbell or anything. I just heard the thunk that always accompanies Fedex packages and I then watched them get back into their truck and drive away.


@zuiquan: USPS has done that; scheduled delivery marked "delivered" but shows up the next day. To lazy to get out of truck that day?
UPS is good about ringing the doorbell. USPS and FedEx hardly ever do. They just chuck it from the ground instead of walk up 2 steps. It's against USPS code to not attempt to see if someone is home. He should knock or ring, but those 2 steps just prove to be too much trouble for him.


@bsmith1: I have the opposite scenario with my USPS guy. He always comes to my door and rings the doorbell and waits if he sees my car. Sometimes it's taken me quite a while to get to the door and he's still there waiting. If my car isn't there he walks through a gate down a few stairs and then back up some more stairs to my back porch and leaves my packages by my back door. Sometimes it's stuff that will fit in my mailbox but it'd be snug so he brings them up anyway. When we moved into this house the first time he delivered mail he came up to the house and asked where we'd like all the packages left. It's more work for him to put them on the back porch but he still does it. I'd take him with me to my next house if I could.


Sorry to hear it was likely stolen...
But just think about what a thief would be thinking as they opened a BOC


@danpalm: No joke. I'm sure I will see an increase of stolen packages after this one. Damn. Sure wish it was me opening it though. Pretty upset about the whole thing. @prettywootprincess said that it was a pretty awesome BOC


Maybe it wouldn't be their problem if they rang the doorbell. Still undeniably their fault with no excuses.


fedex is terrible with that. I've had them leave packages even when a signature was required, and have lost out on more than a few as well, when they were left in plain sight. (or worse, when they were left in my yard, under a bench, in winter, during a snow storm. I found it a week later, soaked and ruined)


Just today I got a large UPS package delivered in front of my garage. The tracking info said it was left at "Office" and signed for by "Hanson". I don't know where this "office" is or who this "Hanson" is, but luckily I got the package. I think they're just filling in the blanks as fast as they can during this busy time.


@studerc: That sucks! I am so sorry your prize didn't make it to you. I hope they find your box and get to you! If not, I'm sure something can be worked out.


@studerc : sorry about your package.

I recently got a damaged box from 'zom delivered . It was dropped w/ my mom's aide and said the damage was from amazon. they dropped it and ran.
WE had to go out to the driveway to pick up little individual packs of detergent pods. still didn't get them all. Amazon was happy to replace. they gave me a thing to send the damaged box back. in.

The aide didn't really know what to do. I said in the future refuse delivery.

Surprisingly nothing else was damaged in a harmful unusable way.
Truth is, it was packed awful. But Box all ripped up was not from packing, was from mistreatment in ship.
Used to be, they would apologize and tell me to check it and take it back.
Now they drop and run before you know what's going on. Imo also a product of the company policy. The worlds in such a big hurry. Don't know why.

I'm hopeful that it will get taken care of.
If not, let me know. I'll be happy to share some of my crap : )


I ordered big canvas prints off WOOT of my trip in September. .and was gone 2 months. My family was home the entire time. 180 dollars. One print arrived in October from


back in '03, My brother built me a computer, and sent it to me UPS.
@ that time i was working 2nd shift, and they nearly always got to my building around 5pm (middle of my work shift.)
i had been tracking the pkg daily, got home on the day it should have been delivered, nothing. track again, says delivered, but to a completely different address (Different road, and # that as far as i could tell didn't exist) call up customer service, explain the situation, they "start an investigation" a few days later i do get the PC (minus any of the software discs that my brother had included) then i get a call from UPS, wanting the the box to see if they can find "any signs of tampering "

never hear anything back from them after that.


If you haven't already done so, email for assistance. Include your Woot username and explain the situation. Refer them to the Deal Hunter thread so they can figure out what's going on.


@thunderthighs: I'll shoot them an email as well! Thanks for the pro-tip.