questionshow many of you have switched from google to bing…


Not sure why you got a downvote on this, it's a perfectly legitimate question. Maybe DW shoppers don't use Google Shopping so they haven't noticed the difference?

Google no longer allow my products on Google Shopping so I'll be doing my shopping searches on Bing.

FYI, Google Shopping is on it's way to becoming 100% "family friendly" so there may be many other products that you won't be able to find there.


I actually don't use either one. My comparisons usually are between Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target as they are the major players in my backwoods area.


I rarely use google shopping, I prefer to hunt down my own prices since I don't trust the accuracy of current values. But I sure as hell wouldn't use Bing's.

I know plenty of people hate google and their big brother crap, but I hate bing cause their searches always produce crap.


Had never used Bing before to shop, but it managed to pull up a particular Nicole Miller evening gown I have been looking for while Google shoved it three pages back in the search.


Never used Bing Shopping, but I just want to say I miss the days when Google Shopping was called Froogle.

I'll give it a shot now though. I hadn't realized Google had monetized their shopping search. That's a bit worrisome, hopefully it'll never leak over into their other searches.


I hadn't realized that it actually removed the little guys. No wonder I haven't seen much of a price difference recently. Although I always have checked through the search results for prices because I never really got results from the places I cared about anyway.


@granilithe: I'm not sure why the downvotes. My mom's default search is bing and I usually just type my search in the address bar so when using her computer I can never find things as quickly in a search. I give it about a page of results before I go type in google.


I also have never used search engines for shopping so I haven't changed my habits. The paying for placement is annoying by google, but MSN/bing does plenty of similar foolish things which are annoying (such as making "searches" headline news so they get more clicks and appear higher on search engine rankings). I've never used either and don't think I'll ever need to.


Overall, I've started to drift towards Bing anyway. But the shopping, which I actually need to use for work, is much better than Google at this point. Didn't know that google was squeezing people out, but have seen an overall difference in number of returns.