questionsanyone have iphone 4s with sprint? what is…


I have seen this on others' sprint phones. I believe they have an "extended" network; a lease of some towers perhaps, that aren't roaming, but also isn't their tower.

For instance, if you were in Puerto Rico, you would probably see "Extended", but in a foreign country where they have no agreements, you would be roaming.


Interesting, but I'm seeing it while I'm in my school building. Parking lot is okay, but inside is extended, even with full connection.


@trinnic: Exactly.

Sprint just doesn't own that specific tower, so your current service is being provided by another company at Sprint's expense/deal with that company.


@dpiercy85: The school might have it's own type of "tower" for inside. I have one for my house from AT&T.


I know this post is old, but I just signed up with sprint and got the iphone4s. I noticed that mine says "extended" where I work, but the problem is that this drains my battery. I won't use my phone at all, and when I check it, I'll be down to 10% battery life. This only happens at work. Anyone else have this issue/know what I can do to correct it?


Same experience, but at least I now have a good "Sprint" signal where that occurs - before I had little or none.