questionsdid your power go out this weekend?


Hmm... I think we may be in the same area/state. Storming with very loud and angry "straight-line" winds Friday, and very heavy thunderstorms with (joy of joys) hail last night. Thankfully I never lost power (though it's a minor miracle...). Glad to see you're back among the ranks of the wooters and the air-conditioned!!


Nope, but we did lose half a tree. Fortunately, it was away from the house and vehicles.

Anyone need some kindling or firewood?


Not here. No rain or high winds either, just heat. Lots of heat.


We went out of town for the weekend and left around 5pm before the storms. We headed out of the storm area so weren't affected during the storm. I got a phone call at 6am Saturday morning from work telling me that my plant had been down without power since midnight and had no idea when it was coming back on (rumors were days possibly). Many phone calls later found out we had a substation hit and our folks worked around the clock to fix it. We got power restored at the plant around 7 this morning. Many people in the surrounding area still have no power and aren't expecting to get it back until Wed or later!! I still have power apparently and may have never lost it (gotta love answering machines) - sounds like my house was on the edge of the storms.


Lost power around 4pm on Friday and yet to get it back on. Heard on the radio that my section of town would have it by Saturday. Glad my sister lives nearby with power (but no internet)