questionswhy are there so many deals from companies?


Welcome to this joint. In case you haven't seen it, please read this unofficial FAQ to see what is and isn't allowed. Some dealers don't follow these rules, and they get a lot of downvotes. As for wootbot, nobody is really sure of it's usefulness. Enjoy your stay here!


the way i understand things wootbot is a program designed to pick random products from certain paying company sites and posts them. this is to keep people thinking oh i can get my thing from them. i have yet to hear of anyone actually buying any product from any wootbot post.

and we are trying to get some rules applied around here to the companies. what we would like is a limit of active listings per site/poster so we don't have as many old and expired deals that appear to be current.


You can also help out by posting some deals you find! It's an interactive site in that sense -- since it's community-sourced, we all depend on each other to find and post good deals.


@moosezilla: I've bought some of the stuff wootbot posted, but not much.


@magic cave: Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut.


50 deals a week is seven a day and I could not think of anyone posting that much (I'm purposely ignoring @wootbot's deals as this is neither a store nor a human user).

Since my gf bailed on me tonight and I've got some time on my hands, I went through the seven pages of fresh deals and only found one store account (@dailysale) anywhere close to 50 deals a week. Almost all are less than three posts a day and this is certainly true when taking a week's worth of posts into account.

I'll grant you that today was a quiet day here on deals.woot, and that my testing method is not exhaustive, but I really feel that it is rare for a store to post "their entire inventory" (or even a lot of deals at once) more than once or twice (after which they learn that it is better to only post a few things).

Now excuse me... I want to go check out the helicopter that @dailysale posted 12 hours ago. ;)

Oh... and I've purchased at least once or twice from wootbot's deals.


If you don't like the deals you see here we encourage you to go forth and find deals that we all may find of value.

You should also purchase something so you have voting privileges.


Of course, there are exceptions...

I widened my search parameters a bit (did I mention I'm home alone, with nothing to do and I'm bored?) and found another example that pretty much does appear to be someone posting their entire catalog: flingthething.

So, like you say, there are some that don't seem to learn.