questionswhat is a good gaming hard drive for $150 or less?


SSD. Big enough to hold the downloads or installs.


Depends on if you mean for console or PC. Most consoles need a specific type, brand and size limitation on the hard drive (aka no SSDs, and at most the 500GB range). For PC (as long as you have Windows 7 or 8), something like the OCZ Agility or Vertex 4 128GB should work great. Don't bother with the "3" series of these lines (Vertex/Agility 3) as they are older and more likely to die within a year. I have the OCZ 128GB Agility4 in my main gaming system (6 months now) and it is fantastic. The good quality 256GB models will put you over that $150 price range which is why I recommend 128GB.


@bsmith1 & @screwball: I didn't even consider a console, just pc.


@pyxientx: I'm sure the OP was talking about a PC. I'm just giving them crap for not providing details with their question.
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@bsmith1: IME, "ghosts" (posters with clear boxes and triangles) are just asking pro forma questions that they never return to in order to build rep. So the only point of answering them is to chat with real members of the community that might happen by. Of course occasionally they are genuine new members.


@moondrake: Or, more sinisterly, so they can provide positive answers for products they are representing in some fashion. Deals.Woot results usually rank fairly well on google.


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@dcalotta: It went popular before you commented. So what made it go popular? 4 upvotes. Was posted by a brand new account. All the comments were negative toward the poster. Last activity was almost a week ago.

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