questionsdo you prefer ranch or blue cheese with your…


I'm from Georgia and it's Ranch, hands down. I cannot eat anything with blue cheese, yuck!

But I really like homemade honey mustard the best!


Neither. I want the heat and nothing else.


Neither. Some tangy BBQ sauce perhaps, or salsa. But that's probably because I even put salsa in my pasta.

OK, that one was accidental, but it was still good.


Blue cheese, but I only dunk the celery in it. Wings are meant to be spicy. And tasty. 8^O


I prefer extra sauce, and no cooling agents.


Neither, I want to just taste the wing.
By the way, why is "Beef" a tag on this post about chicken wings?


Usually neither, if I'm waiting for the next beer (so I have nothing to drink) blue cheese.

I absolutely hate ranch dressing. As a side note if you dip your pizza in ranch I believe you deserve to be executed. Preferably by drowning in a pool full of mayonnaise.


Another vote for nothing. Like many others have said, it's for the celery and it would really depend on what I was drinking.


Usually nothing, but a good blue cheese never hurts if the sauce has a bit too much kick to it.


I just dab mine in some ranch.. it has to be good ranch though or they are going without a dip.

Wingstop has some baller ranch for sure, we usually make our own though at home.


Both. Depending on my mood, I order either ranch or blue cheese.


Blue cheese, though only occasionally on the wings themselves (mostly on the celery sticks or other veggies).

I do not like ranch dressing all that much.


Bleu Cheese! I'll take certain ranch dips, but usually if I make it. Some can have a really nasty dill flavor that I just cannot handle.


blue cheese.. I dont even like ranch on salads there are so many better dressings out there. It took me a while but I'm really not a fan of buffalo flavoring.


Um. I just eat the blue cheese and celery off of other people's plates -- I don't really like the wings.

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Ranch because a lot of wings I've ordered are kind of dry. The ranch seems to reactivate some of the other sauces.

If they're good wings, then nothing except a beer.


Blue cheese. LOVE it. Though, honestly, I've only used it for the celery, not the wings. But then I would probably dip my finger in it if the celery disappeared.! :-|


Blue cheese, but then I lived in Buffalo, so following the regional trend.


Sorry, but if I eat wings I like them as is.


Both, certain wings are better with ranch, others are better with bleu cheese.