questionswhat is the cheapest shipping method you haveā€¦


First class in an envelope or bag. It usually ends up in the $2-$3 range for a single shirt, inclusive of tracking.

I like to keep the Woot bags for the art (even though I have like a bazillion of them), so I reuse the plain ones that they send the randoms in or from other shirt sites instead.


Best way I've found, as eluded to above, get one of those plastic mailing bags (which can be as low as $0.10 each) and just stuff it in there and ship it first class for about $2-$3.


pit it in a ziplock bag
cut up a paper bag. flip it inside out and wrap it so its plain on the outside
tape up the edges

apply about 6 stamps


Thanks. I knew there had to be a cheaper way, but USPS doesn't actually list sending an envelope first class in their cost calculator (though I was sure I had used that service in the past). Now I can ship two shirts for the price of the one that I shipped last time. :)


@wlknlight: At two shirts, it's usually about the same to go priority. 3 shirts is where it gets expensive because of zoning, etc. - the last time I did a 3-for-2 trade, I sent them 2+1 instead of all 3 in the same package.