questionswhat is the most reliable budget ssd (solid state…


I can't help, but I would like to know the answer to this question as well. So, I'm hoping this extra comment would encourage more answers.


For 100-120 and not one of the "slow" ones, I assume you mean SLC. This will get you close to an 8 GB drive (basically just a boot drive). If this was not what you expected, you will have to settle for an MLC drive which will get you close to 40 GB for the price range.

I have used Intel and OCZ ssds and they were all excellent. I only used them as boot drives and they proved to be much faster than my raptors. The Kingston I bought was terrible but I hear the new drives are better. Just remember you have a limited life cycle with all SSD drives while (arguably), a HDD can last forever.

Regardless of your purchase, make sure to get a file distribution/fragmentation program that specifically has an "optimize for SSD" feature or something like that. I personally use Diskeeper, but there are a lot of good programs out there.


Well, I decided to do a little research. FYI, is a good site for all things computer-related.

Below is link to a recent article on the best SSDs for each price range. I'm pretty sure it can answer your question.,3115.html

In the previous post, I wasn't sure of the difference between SLC and MLC and found the following link with a guide to SSDs.,review-1455.html


If you've got a SATA 3 controller, the Samsung 830 line is blazingly fast, and very reliable. Not the cheapest, but consistently great reviews. I own four of them and will buy more.