questionsany recommendations for an easy to use camera…


btw, i went through the list of cameras on the site that has a shutter lag comparison table ( and these were the cameras with the best shutter-lag ratings PLUS easy to use rating. I'm grateful someone put this table out there, but a lot of the cameras on there are older models. Here's the list i filtered out (low shutter lag + HIGH easy to use rating):
Nikon Coolpix S8000
Sony DSC TX1

Panasonic DMC FS10
Sony DSC W380
Sony DSC TX7
Panasonic DMC S3

Panasonic DMC FS30
Sony DSC TX10


For slow shutter lag and at your price range, the Canon Elph series would be a good choice. - B&H (with Canon rebate is only $229).

Other Powershot are getting their "seasonal" Canon rebates as well. I do this professionally, and for my family members I always get either the Elph or the Panasonic Lumix line.


Help us, what model do you have now?


A point-and-shoot with low shutter lag is a tall order. Do you have a price range? Acceptable shutter lag time?

The Canon Powershot S90 has adjustable settings, including shutter speed and lag time, but it is on the expensive side for a point-and-shoot:


Canon Powershot SD970 @ $249:

A review gives the following info about lag:
"Shutter lag: Full autofocus shutter lag is good, at 0.40 second at wide-angle and 0.45 second at full telephoto. Prefocus shutter lag is 0.078s, which is quite fast."

I've never use this model, so I can't say from personal experience how that translates in the "annoying lag" department.


Personally, as a photographer, I'd go with either Nikon or Canon. The most important aspect of a camera is your optics, and both Canon and Nikon arguably have the best optics on the market. After that, it's merely a matter of which has the specific bells and whistles you're looking for, at a price you're willing to pay.


@caffeine_dude: LOL. i thought that might help, but i don't have my camera with me. sorry. it's a 14MP from costco, i'll post when i get back home the model number. :)


@adadavis: price range under $300, acceptable is something that's not annoying... i guess less than a second w/out flash and less than 2s with flash? ...not sure, but i'm sure you all know what i'm talking about. :(


thoughts on this?
Canon PowerShot SD4500 IS 10MP CMOS Sensor
sold on for $270

or this?
Canon PowerShot ELPH-100
Digital Camera for $199