questionsare there any good woot tracking sites or…


I don't think it has been tested for a woot-off yet, but has been pretty stable and works great for me.

vote-for4vote-against works well doesn't require any downloads and automatically opens up the buy screen for BoC's

There's also the IRC channel #deals.woot where you can talk to real live people AND see when products change


@droolinfool: You took my answer...well stated! (thanks to @lichme).

i was going to come here and tell about wootstalker too. it works well.


Aww, you guys are awesome.

Depends what you are looking for. The only desktop software that I have used is wootalyzer, normally runs smooth with occasional glitches.

I've tried a couple of mobile apps (Android) as a backup, and settled on Woot Check.

Now, I'm kind of biased on this one, but for web trackers I'm gonna go with cough - I will say though, as pointed out, it has not been tested during a woot-off. I have been testing it all month and it seems to be working pretty well from the feedback I have gotten. Also has some extra (optional) stuff with social media, woot plus, crap tracking etc. I have used mywoot and wooters, but I find them to be delayed (at least the last few woot-offs) and unreliable.


@lichme That site is awesome! Simple, but I like it. And if it works fairly well in a woot-off I could be hooked! TY sir!


I've used in the past, but wootstalker looks great, might be my new go to.


for android I use wootwatcher. THe developer is currently working on some changes, so the "official" app is slightly outdated at the moment, but lots of new features are being tested as we type (partially by me)


@lichme So I have been using this site for about 30min now and I love it! You are a genius!

@morriea Faster than wootalyzer and it has all of the sites listed on one screen. Truly amazing. I just tried it by f5ing on one screen and wootstalker on the other and they popped at exactly the same time... Its incredible. Of course the BOC will be the big test, assuming there isn't some silly FB nonsense instead of the old fashioned way.


You can also join Woot Turntable. We do our best to let people know when BOCs are up, and chat about current items, etc with the added bonus of listening to music while wooting!

(No Facebook or Twitter account required)

+1 for !!!!

vote-for2vote-against was always my go-to, but it seems dead now.