questionsis anyone else having an issue with woot…


Would you like to expound on your question. When did you order/ what does your "Stuff You Bought" say? Does it say anything about tracking?

Both Woot and Amazon have messed up on shipping. this Christmas season. Add to that the UPS delivery mess up and you have, uh, a really big mess.

Maybe @thunderthighs can help you out.


absolutely. woot shipped me a bag of crap WITHOUT a large screen tv in it. for shame woot, for shame.


@carl669: Oh, so that's where that TV came from. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks!


Please check your email inbox associated with your Woot account, a response has been sent to you by Woot Member Services.

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Patients my child, patients ... I have had good and bad times with Woot but I'm still here ! How about the shipping this past week or so ... What would have we done 15 yrs ago ?

snail mail ... lol