questionsdid you know the help address for woot changed?


I had, but good call making a thread on it. I'm sure not everyone knows. Woot would probably benefit from sending an email letting everyone know.

The FAQ page has been updated though, so I'd guess it shouldn't be too big of a problem.


Thanks for the info, moosezilla. And here I thought they were just ignoring us...


Thanks for posting. I was, as usual, oblivious!


I barely noticed it in @ThunderThigh's signature, otherwise it would have gone unnoticed, so goon on ya to post.

Maybe an auto-reply from the service address would help spread the word better?
Something along the lines of "Notice: As of xx/yy/zzzz, the new email will be please make a note of it" or words to that effect.

j5 j5

Thanks for this update! We do try to get the word out as we help folks in the forum, but the more talk on this the better.


*good, I meant good on ya, not goon.

j5 j5

@inkycatz: I posted a new thread over there with it as well:

Don't want you to miss e-mails from any "happy" customers!


I noticed it from @ThunderThigh's signature on woot


I'll say it here too - why not just use both addresses and have them both go to the same system? That way people can't mess it up?


@thumperchick: because technology doesn't work that way. Don't you know how much trouble it would be to check TWO email addresses?

The mind boggles!


@j5: Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering what "goon on ya" meant in today's slang. :) As for the OP, I am one of those who had heard it already.


sorry to the original poster, but i need to do this somewhere:
@mossygreen: please check your private messages.