questionshug your kids tonight.


I don't have kids, but I feel like I would hug and kiss them every night if I did.

Also in a bit of an ironic twist one of the similar questions is "who's hitting the bars tonight?"


Hug all your loved ones. Call and/or write to the ones you can not reach. It is important.


I say hug everyone actually. Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Strangers, etc


I'm a 6'3" total jock and broke down over my bacon burger at lunch. Came home early and picked up my little girl as soon as I could and I haven;t left her side. Can't get through writing this without misting.


Personally, I wish bad things like this didn't have to happen to keep people reminded of the need to make sure those we care about know how much they mean to us.


I do.

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@meanjoeira: If you want to be around to see and hug your grandchildren,

You must change your diet NOW !


@computiac: A while back I saw a research study about how scare tactics are ineffective (and often counter-productive) when it comes to getting people to change their eating habits. I wish I could find it quickly, but right now it's escaping me. Anyway, my point is: you could have expressed the same message in a kinder manner and have been more likely to have it work. (Plus, your D.W rep would probably be happier.)


Been thinking about my nieces + nephews all day.


I don't have children yet, but I hugged all my siblings, and all of their children. This is a terrible time for everyone.


@computiac: You are a sorry little judgemental tool. Enjoy your glass house.


I was not trying to be invasive or cruel.
It is a known fact, red meat, bacon are among a long list of things which cause many serious heart and other health conditions.
These include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, plaque build up in the heart, and so on.
This is based on my first hand knowledge of taking care of both of my parents for many years before their passing.

Any doctor who cares about their patient will ask a lot of questions about your diet.
If you think you can lie to them and not admit you eat unhealthy, they will find out the truth when the results of your blood work are looked at by them, then what ?
Do you think they will be having a pretty please attitude about how they tell you, you are slowly killing yourself ? No, they won't !
If you think I am wrong in what I'm saying, then fine.
Maybe at your next Dr. appointment you can ask their opinion of my thoughts.


@meanjoeira: I made it through my workday without leaving to pick up the kids, but I had to cancel on the party that I was supposed to go to last night because I couldn't bear to be away from them. Sat on the couch under blankets watching Lord of the Rings and thinking about good continuing to try in the face of evil.


I hug them every time they are near....but thanks for the reminder.