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I use and recommend Google Voice. You can port your number in for $20: Port your number into Google Voice FAQ.

This will work great if your work phone is an Android phone, because you will be able to specify for each outgoing call (using the phone's native dialer, even!) whether it should be from the handset's number or your Google Voice number (or you can have all outgoing calls just use one or the other, whatever you want).


I haven't ported my number, but I do have a Google voice number set up for a home business. I have it ring to my cell and my home phone - it works wonderfully.


I use google voice and I've been very pleased with it. I especially appreciate emailed transcriptions of voicemails; they're not always accurate (recently, I received a phone call from a colleague at "North Korea University" - yeah, not so much!), but good enough that I can always get the gist of a voicemail from the transcript so I can judge how urgent or important the matter is.

As for forwarding personal calls to your work cell - be aware that (in many states), using a device for both personal and business use means that your employer can take action based on your personal use (people have been fired for sexual harassing personal texts sent from a phone paid for by an employer) or vice versa.


@neuropsychosocial: I also like the email transcripts, and have similar innaccuracies - but I can usually figure it out enough to see if I need to listen, call back or just ignore. I also really like the feature where you can force people to state who they are before it rings through to you - since I use it for business calls from random strangers that feature is very helpful.

I carry a personal and work phone myself. I believe my carrier still charges for every call that is forwarded (perhaps not, I haven't checked recently) and I don't want to pay for that. Also, to your point, I don't need my company knowing all of my personal business - so I use my personal phone for personal calls, texts, emails, internet etc.


@mkdr: Just to clarify, my point about the complications of using a mobile device owned by an employer for personal use was inspired by @kmeltzer saying "I have no need for me to have a personal cell for me anymore, but don't want to lose the number and want to be able to have calls forwarded to me still," not by anything that you said. :)


@neuropsychosocial: I own the device, they just pay for the service. It's under their business account simply to make it easier than me submitting an expense report every month for it. I'm not too worried about any action :-) Been doing this for a few years, just finally getting the chance to ditch my personal account.

The few of you who have (so far) responded seem to echo a lot of things I've read about Google Voice. From what I understand, when my plan goes to month-to-month when the contract expires, I should just be able to transfer the number then call and terminate.


@neuropsychosocial: Oh, I figured that, just thought it was good advice and wanted to add my two cents :)


Google Voice is awesome....go for it. You won't be sorry.


I've used Google Voice since Day 1, and have been really happy with it. One of the things not mentioned yet is texting- I LOVE being able to text from my PC @ home or work and not have to rely on tiny phone buttons.
Yeah, I know, it sounds old but when you're arthritic you'll use whatever advantage you can.


Thanks again to the answers. I think I'm going to just sign up for Google Voice with a new number, and just forward that to my cell. I figure I probably don't get enough calls on my personal one to make porting it matter. Plus, since it's the primary on a family plan, I don't know if it'd cancel the whole plan when I port it (thereby meaning I have to find something new for the family before I need to).