questionswould you buy from


I haven't taken a detailed look at the site, but I wouldn't purchase from them based on what I have found.

1. They don't easily list payment methods accepted on their website in a FAQ/payment area.
2. The image they link to states they are unable to verify the merchant.
3. Their location on Google Maps looks very residential.
4. They also own another company named Bows and Ties (or something similar to that), which isn't bad but why do they have a very similar 2nd site that sells the same basic items?
5. Their nameservers resolve to (blog is not the greatest)
6. The "customer review" website they link to on their website: costs money for a retailer and the owner of the site is from Germany. And the UK version of their website doesn't look too great from an equally bizarre website or at least one I have never heard of:


Non-accredited just means they didn't pay a shakedown fee from the BBB. That said, they also have three unresolved complaints and have ignored requests from information.

So to answer your, why on Earth would I buy from them? Especially when I can buy silk ties for not much more, from a reputable business?


@hackman2007: I noticed the Authorize thing not working as well, but thank you for digging much deeper.

@stile99: Those three complaints definitely had me concerned

Thank you guys for proving that my paranoia is valid. I think I've passed the point of buying from these guys, and have moved on to "Where should I go to find ties like these at low prices"


@abramokids: One of the regular wootizens has been posting deals for an eBay site which seems to specialize in ties and suspenders for events like weddings. I know I've seen at least two such posts in the last three days, and I checked the eBay seller at the time to make sure they have a long history and a good rep. (It's a thing with me.)

You might try hunting them down and see if they'd be useful. I'd search myself, but I'm on some fuzzy-making medication and lacking sufficient energy and wit to do a good search.


Fab has ties right now if you're really interested/desperate.


@craigster38: Congrats on your upcoming wedding, and thank you for tracking down the earlier deals I mentioned.


@abramokids: I was so fuzzy-brained last night that I focused on "ties" and "wedding" and totally missed that it was you who was posting! I've seen your comments over the last few weeks and mused that a wedding must be coming soon and wondered if there would be further info.

And here it was, right in front of me, and I missed it! I'm so happy to hear your big day is almost here!


I was just in a wedding and the groom bought us ties from They were extremely cheap and they offer a TON of options.. including ties for those of us with tree trunk necks!


@hackman2007: I agree with everything you said, except that e-komi is a legitimate and well respected review site. I know a number of people that own .coms and have used e-komi for a while now.


@klynb: Sadly, they don't seem to have the style I'm looking for, but thank you

@craigster38: @druke: Those seem like good options. I hadn't even considered ebay, and it's good to see a more legitimate specialty store is out there


@magic cave: haha, yup it's me :D
It's getting to the point where everything is constant stress, which is always fun. If it's this stressful 3 months away from the wedding, imagine how bad I'll be freaking out the week of, and the day of! We haven't arranged half of the wedding necessities yet @_@

Still very grateful for your gift btw :D You should definitely send me your mailing address at some point so that I can eventually send you a thank-you card


@abramokids: Tried-and-true wedding advice: it'll all work out. Really.

When my son married (OMG, five years ago last month!!) at an outdoor ceremony, we'd had sunny mid-70's weather all week; the wedding day was 63, windy, and misting rain. His dad, who lives a 45-minute drive from the wedding venue, took a "short nap" and woke 10 minutes before the wedding was to start. That was okay, though, because the chartered bus bringing about half the guests from their nearby hotel had a new driver who "knew a shortcut" to the country-club venue. Except that the shortcut led to a locked gate, and the road was too narrow for the bus to be turned around in, and the driver was not good at backing up. My spouse, meanwhile, realized that the string trio (in their sleeveless summer dresses) had been valiantly playing, all alone, out in the cold for way too long, and brought them back inside.




By the time the lost father and the misplaced bus arrived 50 minutes late, the trio had thawed out and everything else was fine.

The bride was gorgeous, the groom was so excited he was glowing, and it was the happiest, warmest, most wonderful wedding I've ever attended.

Let yourself get crazy only to the "happy excitement" stage; after that, just stop worrying about it. Short of a drunken brawl, either no one will notice if something's a little different than planned or they'll have fun with it. It's the quirks that will ultimately make for funny, happy stories to tell.

As for a thank-you card, it's truly totally unnecessary. Buy your lady a pretty flower or two instead.


Thanks for the story! Maybe if I go into my wedding expecting everything to go horribly wrong, I'll feel better when that isn't the case.
Also, I absolutely insist on a thank you card. It just might take me a while.


@magic cave: I forgot to tag you in the above post