questionsanybody else follow matt rutledge (@snapster) on…


I don't get it. "Clip coupons"? Didn't he make bank on the Amazon deal? Why would he need to use coupons? Don't get me wrong, I thank him for woot and I compliment him on his appealing head shape, but I don't understand the point of this question.


@bsmith1: he's asking if you follow me on twitter.


@snapster: No. I don't use the twitter. Seemed like he was suggesting there was something I should know. You working on a new project or something?


@snapster: I certainly am now! Wooters of the world unite under our glorious leader!

5 minutes later---"this account has been deleted for sedition"


Well, he's certainly following us:

But I really don't spend enough time on Twitter to follow anyone that posts more than once or twice a day :-)


@boydrew: Don't be ridiculous! Are you suggesting they'd actually tell you why you were deleted?


@bsmith1: Oh, I hope so. And, yes, I do.


Been following for a while, but rarely check Twitter anymore. Too busy plotting sedition with @boydrew. Thanks for reminding me so I can go catch up. Miss you @snapster!


Why would I follow him again?

I know how abusive relationships work. I'm no dummy.

Matt sunk a perfectly buoyant, one-of-a-kind ship and left us all behind with no life preserves.

He's a captain who was the first to abandon ship.

No, I don't currently follow him and certainly won't start anytime soon.

Look I found a picture of Matt taken around June of 2010-


@bsmith1: "Clipping coupons" in this sense does not mean cutting things out of the Sunday paper. The coupons in question refer to interest bearing bonds. Years ago bond holders would actually have something physical they would send to the bond holder to get their payments. The phrase now means just sitting back and living off your accumulated wealth.

@snapster: Glad to see you are still around. Your army awaits your return. Activate the dark mark and we shall all gather forth from around the countryside to support you. All hail the dark lord!


@iggz: Not entirely fair. Neither you nor I know the terms of the deal that Matt made with Bezos and company at Amazon. I tend to doubt that he knew (or really had any idea) that they were going to send Woot in the direction that it ultimately went.

I don't, for a minute, blame Matt or anybody else who has a business and somebody comes in and offers a boatload of cash for it. That is how things work. It is very common for the founder to ultimately leave the business after it gets bought. As a matter of fact, it's rather uncommon for one to stay long term.

I get your point, but the people who have changed Woot live not in Texas, but in Washington state. I'm not adverse to poop sliging, but just try to head it in the appropriate direction. In this case, Seattle.


I'll bet the people at The Washington Post are sweating right about now.


@wilfbrim: That got a little evil at the end. I liked it!


@wilfbrim: Don't feed the trolls. Or troll in this case.


I'm still waiting for @snapster to write a book about his venture in creating (and in a way allowing the destruction of) an extremely successful business and business model. I just hope his non-compete clause didn't disallow such a thing to exist.

It would be even better if it was available for purchase at Amazon's site.