questionswould you rather have a boc or ipd?


Much rather have them offer a unique product (like a leakfrog) or a regular product at a deep discount. One of those that you search all other retailers and it's twice the price.

It doesn't have to be free to make me want it -- just a good deal. Haven't seen one in a long time except for those posted on deals.woot by other members.


I like the mystery of the BOC, the possibility of receiving a pallet of one-armed army men, but I guess there really hasn't been too much mystery to the past few BOCs anyway. Except for the Wootizen BOCs, that was pretty cool. Still, no freight shipments of toilet paper or anything.


@cengland0: I agree. I love the BOCs and have actually scored a few, but I really want some unbe-frakkin-lievable sales that I just can't pass up. Deals offered have been good lately, but not amazing, or at least nothing that I can't live without.

An occasionally freebie deal or hidden treat would be, as we say in Louisiana, lagniappe!


I'd prefer a BOC offering. 1) I would never see an insane deal in time if it was buried in the many plus pages 2) BOC is always $8 shipped 3) I enjoy the competition and satisfaction of scoring one 4) The mystery and anticipation of what you'll get is great fun
Also, it was kind of a reward for being glued to the woot-off all day. Since the woot plus deals are up all the time, my impulse purchases have dropped significantly and I don't follow woot-offs as closely. If they re-introduce BOCs to the mix, I'd have to pay more attention and probably get caught-up in the impulse action.


Just thought of something. Putting a free product somewhere on the site once a month might be easy to find with a simple bot. Have this bot crawl the site every 5 minutes or so and then send you a text as soon as the free product is offered. So I doubt this would be a viable option.

It's sort of like the BOC. There were several websites that would monitor Woot during a woot-off and then an alarm sounds as soon as the BOC was offered. It would be fairly easy to do the same for a free product offering.


@cengland0: "Much rather have them offer a unique product (like a leakfrog) or a regular product at a deep discount."

I couldn't agree more. The deep discounts are nice, but what really made woot!, woot! were the funky items. Leak Frog, Flushlight, if I remember correctly they even offered a pregnancy test during one woot! off right after another very funny item (can't think of what it was now, but im sure someone else can). That's the stuff I miss. I am tired of seeing tablets, TVs and monitors. Leave that for the tech.woot! wootoff and bring back the stuff that makes us talk about woot!


I'd prefer the low priced deal. It doesn't even have to be insane, just a really good deal. The BOC is really just a bonus.


@coondogg97: I know at one point there was a Woot-Off with both a pregnancy test and a male fertility test.


I'm in the BOC camp. I was always happy when a woot-off took place on one of my days off, so I could play on the computer and keep an eye on the deals while hoping to be there for the elusive BOC. Since BOCs don't really exist any more (I don't use social media at all) and the deals have been fairly sucky, I haven't given a woot-off more than a cursory glance in months.


I have been lucky enough to score several BOCs. I love the experience of trying to get a BOC. I have enough stuff that I don't need any IPCs. I like the surprise of opening a BOC even if there is nothing in the box that I want/need/desire. My son managed to get a POC and even though it was great, it is not the same, as he received exactly what was in the picture and there was no mystery. So, in the end, I would have to say that I am a BOC fan and would like to see them return.


@90mcg112: OMG, you got a pallet of those army guys? What did you end up doing with them? The vol mods got a box of them. I found them too cheaply made to give away. I did offer them to all the boys on my block. Nobody wanted them.


Oh, yeah, the question....I would go for the price. Leak frogs cheap! I would have ordered the first thing I saw on woot, but it was sold out. It was vibrating fuzzy slippers, shaped like the cartoon tasmanian devil! Good price too! My joined on date would be 3 or 4 months sooner if I found the article on cool web sites a few hours earlier.


I am still laughing out loud about your description of IPD. Deals so good someone gets fired for posting it ... very funny


@ki4rxm: YES!!! That's the one. I think the fertility test was up first followed by the pregnancy test. Very funny and as you can see we are still talking about it MONTHS later. I don't think many people talk about the amazing price on the 21" LCD that was listed.


@coondogg97: There was also a time that wootbot posted a :::ahem::: male enhancement product if my memory serves me correctly. As for the OP, the old BOC would suit me just fine.


I would rather have an IPD. A BOC is awesome for the sake of it being a BOC, but little else. An IPD would be a much easier decision to make purchase-wise and is something I know would be useful.

Honestly, in terms of likelihood of purchase, I think it's the same to Woot. Everyone loses their minds over BOCs and everyone loves a good deal. I wouldn't mind the IPDs being hidden/ requiring a game to access, so long as it had a limit 1 per customer and people didn't share the link. That would ruin the fun of it.