questionsis moofi.woot jumping the shark?


Agreed. Moofi has gotten to seem more like an additional woot page as opposed to something special. Sadness. The fat unicorns clearly gobbled up all the magical rainbows moofi once possessed.


Yes, the daily "sponsored" moofi deals have not been as good as the old "hidden" moofi deals that would pop up on occasion.


I hate to be the chronic complainer here, but I really haven't seen an incredibly great deal here in quite some time. I don't think it's just Moofi.


So moofi is a television show and is on the decline?


Perhaps it needs more gun and gaming accessories? What do you think, @brutherford?


@druke: Yes, but i'm sure there will be a reunion and a movie deal in the near future. That's sure to get a 10 share.

PS- I have no idea what 10 share means, but I hear TV people throw it out there fairly often and it sounds like a positive ratings reference. :)


I'm sure some will agree and some will disagree, but all the woot! changes have jumped the shark. I get it, when amazon bought woot! they were not investing into this cool little web site that was almost like a secret to people just for the fun of it. Amazon saw an avenue and drove right through it. Change happens, some like it , some don't.


It seems like the same thing happened to woot! over time. I remember when I first joined the items were top of the line and they weren't the run of the mill inventory. They were "different" and interesting. Now it is rare that you logon and dont see a Dyson or a sub-par tablet of some kind.

moofi seemed to re-introduce some of that coolness every now and then. When you saw @brutherford out and about you couldn't wait to see what antics he was up to over on moofi. Now it looks like it has turned into that same run of the mill site that offers a new sale item everyday.


It pains me to say this. It really does. Yeah, Woot has jumped the shark. Not just Moofi, although why they're even bothering with "Moofi" anymore when all the upside down stuff that made it so funny is gone, and it seems merely a venue for more junk that I haven't the slightest interest in.

Yeah, I just deleted the rest. Sorry. There was no "wedit" just in case someone was wondering.


[thumbs up] Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! [thumbs up]


Another yes vote. And another "not just moofi, but ALL of woot." An aside: When @shrdlu doesn't use the entire character amount for 1 post & doesn't 'continue' on to the 2nd, it could mean something is very wrong.

New business plan - add multiple sites/deals to the (EX - 1 Deal a Day) site. Then add Change the demographic to a completely different audience. Lose the original woot customers. Many sites copied woot w/the 1 deal a day concept. Now woot is abandoning that innovative idea and copying other existing, flashy multi-deal sites. Sad.

Note to the dev team - I know you were just doing as you were instructed. Of course this isn't your fault. I believe you have, in fact, done a very good job w/i your guidelines.


Wait... you don't want to have a tea party on your new laminate furniture?


I was going to type a very long diatribe to express my waning interest in Woot! but @shrdlu said it best.


Come on guys give me a break here. I have just been trying some different stuff other than computers and old worn out Woot and Sellout deals. But if you like that kind of stuff I would be more than happy to revert to those things.


The Woot! is dead. Long live the Woot!.

@brutherford: I like the idea of different items, but I like great deals better. Different items at a great price, and you could single handedly save Woot. ;-P


I think what’s different is that woot used to seem to value the community. We have many outspoken members resisting the change. We don’t know how many others liked it or just accepted it. In the few times I clicked a Wootplus item, I noticed some are selling out.

To be honest, Woot is in business. If they’re racking up more sales, they have no reason to go back now. It sure would be interesting to know the bottom line results of the change.

Edit; Wait, @brutherford cares!


@brutherford: You know I've always liked you. Make them give you back your old face, including the upside down stuff. I would like to NEVER see another Moofi #sponsored deal. It makes it so ordinary. It used to be magic. I went out of my way, several times a day, to see if there was something new. There could just be five sponsored deals, and you could go back to being special.

Really, though, cheap furniture? It's that made-in-China crap with the cam system, and they are SO hard to put together. It made me sad to see it, and I am not kidding. Where's the funny stuff? The Goggle Camera was good, and the Mr Beer was okay. I liked the Varmint Hunter (even though I decided against it because of the scope).

Since the makeover you've become just another "Sellout" (entendre intended).

I really miss Woot.



@brutherford: But I associate moofi with the steady stream of half-assed HP, Toshiba, etc. computers and laptops. There's nothing I downvote faster than that junk! I would love to continue to see way less tired old computer junk.


Also, I think that if people want to whine about the redesign -- there's plenty I don't like about it myself -- they should go to the World of Woot threads reserved for that. Or look at the Woot jobs page and find jobs at Woot that they want and apply for them and get them and go to the staff meetings and say things like "No! That's a terrible redesign!" thereby saving the rest of us from it.


@editorkid: I consider your comments an insult because I have often considered upgrading my computer to the "tired old computer junk" offered through Moofi. I guess I must really need to upgrade. :)


Personally I like the random assortment. I don't buy it very much, because I can't justify it usually, but I do like it. Maybe a bookcase... organizing stuff... a decent trash can? I like the Oregon weather station because it was unique, a Galileo one would be really neat.

My ranty point is I like the variety from the crummy computers and the repeats. But just make sure it's a real deal, too often it's just kinda meh priced for me. The Oregon weather station was cool, but too expensive for me to justify as an impulse.


I think I work closer with @brutherford than almost anybody in my department, and I can tell you he really believes in what he's doing, and he tries very hard to bring deals people will enjoy. Some days those people might not be you, and I think we're all sorry for that, but I know @brutherford really is working hard to make his little sub-site enjoyable.

@figgers3036, your suggestions are neat, and I don't know if we've EVER considered moofing a cool trash can, but as someone looking for one right now, I think I'd be interested the second I saw it in the schedule. Count me in behind you.


To go way back, a 10 share is 10% of all the people currently watching television. Not to be confused with 10% of the people WITH televisions. Just that 10 % of the people that are watching are watching you.


@slydon: Look how nice and clean Moofi still is. Wouldn't it be nice if the others looked that way? Okay, okay, I know it's not your fault.

What happened to the upside down title when you go to Moofi? I never got tired of it. Yes, I am that goofy.

I also pointed out things I liked, and that were unusual. The laminate furniture is not worthy of El Brutherford. I don't mind the refurbs (and in fact, I currently have one that came from Moofi right by my feet, running FreeBSD). I can ignore the golf clubs (although they don't interest me), but at least they're kinda-sorta Moofi-ish. The stuff that's been up on Moofi since the despised changeover has been so, well, uninteresting.

I only vote up non-sponsored deals. I don't see why Moofi has to be sponsored. The random appearance was one of the fun things. Flash Monday/Friday was really fun. @brutherford, abandon the dark side. Come back to your friends. :-D


@wnyx585am: You're too easily offended. Insulted? Really?


@editorkid: I assumed the Smiley face would convey the lighthearted nature of my comment.


@wnyx585am: Ah, fair nuff; I thought it might apply to the last comment, not to the entire comment, because it was at the end (and I did recognize the last part as a joke!). Apologies for the misread.