questionsif you have a keyboard-less tablet, do you miss…


No. I have been using tablet-style PC's for nearly 10 years. Now also have an Android Tablet. Don't miss it at all.


i miss the keyboard but not enough to buy a keyboard for it, thats the point of a tablet, portablilty


I have never missed having a real keyboard on my iPad.
If I wanted to type something lengthy I guess I would get out the laptop.


I'm on my touchpad now. And laying down in bed and watching tv. The tablet is so much lighter than my laptop which also has a screen that rotates and was touch sensitive til the screen broke. I can balance the tablet vertically on my stomach and peck at the screen. If I need to type anymore than these few lines, I'd hop on the laptop or desktop with a real keyboard. But then I'd also have to sit up


I have an Acer Android tablet. I thought I would miss the keyboard but not so much. I have a lot more issues with website that see that I'm coming from an Android device so they automatically route me to a "mobile optimized page." Unfortunately those pages never work terribly well at higher than phone resolutions so its always an awkward experience.

The thing to keep in mind is that you don't use a tablet like you do a desktop computer. Tablets are very much consumer devices and desktops allow you much more freedom to produce and create.


I have an iPad (the original) & bought an Apple keyboard accessory to go with it. Pretty much haven't used it. Last Christmas was surprised with the gift of a Brookstone Bluetooth iPad carrying case. Love it as a case and sometimes use the keyboard feature. But I'm far more inclined to use a stylus and a notes app. I love the luxury of being online, playing games, drawing digitally without a keyboard.


I guess I should have asked, if you need to do a lot of typing, do you miss it? I'm writing my novel on my tablet netbook. Also, I can lie in bed with it - the screen and keyboard flatten out so I can lean them on my legs. Plus I can turn the screen so it becomes an easel. I would imagine I'd miss this feature, but it sounds like you guys don't.

I did install Android on a second partition, but it works just okay, not great (x86).