questionsshould nba refs be fined for bad officiating?


Refs in all sports need to be fired for game changing bad calls! Forget the fines, just fire them. If I would make a huge mistake at work, I would probably get fired...


@jsoko: I think it should be fines. You can't fire someone every time they make a mistake. It should also depend on how blatant of a bad call it was.


@coolphilip04: Most don't make the money to have fines... And I'm talking about crazy game changing calls.
NFL: $25,000-70,000
MLB: ~$120,000
NBA: $100,000-300,000
NHL Ref: $110,000-$255,000
NHL Line: $70,000-$162,000


I don't think so. It's just a sport, not a profession where one wrong call could cost lives. Example "I think the ball crossed the goal line but I'm not completely sure," has fewer, and not as serious implications as "I think the patient has a pulmonary embolism, but I'm not too sure." One call might cost a team a touchdown, but it's not really important. Most of those guys don't care too much anyways, since they're getting millions to do something you could train monkeys to do.


This is in reference to the Nuggets game last night isn't it?


yes i do , they take money out players pockets with bad calls, they have too much power. tech for people smiling on the bench . yes! they should pay for bad behavior just like the players ,let them see how it feels to lose money because you express yourself


Yes I do? Just watch a Celtic's game. At the end of every game Celtics will be like 8 for 12 at the line v/s whoever 28 for 33 or something.