questionswhat do you consider to be some of the best tv…


Well, there's Parenthood .... took a Steve Martin comedy and made it an overwrought drama. I'm not a big fan myself, but I know a lot of people that are.


I've been enjoying Nikita recently.
Terminator: Sarah Jane Chronicles
Can we count the Star Trek series that were launched after the movies that came after the show?

As a kid, I liked watching Aladdin too.

Here's a comprehensive list; most are not that great.


I liked La Femme Nikita - the older series starring Peta Wilson. The final season was kinda hokey, but the rest were good. Don't care much for the new series.


i'll add another vote for the new Nikita.

Friday Night Lights is pretty good, a kid, i liked the real ghostbusters cartoon. other than that, i can't really think of any others


@sully51: After reading that list, I have come to the conclusion that we need to stop making TV adaptations of films. Then again...Stargate SG1.

I guess it's like panning for gold. You have to sift through a lot of useless junk to get to the good stuff.


@j5: Lexx was awesome, but what movie was it based on?

In answer to the question, I've never seen a TV series based on a movie that ended up being any good. But I haven't seen Buffy yet so maybe that will change my mind.


I think Stargate SG-1 is the best one, actually surpassing its movie.


Clerks. Still can't get enough of those 6 episodes.

Roughnecks. Animated series based on Starship Troopers. Awesome animation and solid story. Remember watching it every morning before school.


@samstag: Lexx: The Dark Zone
I guess it was technically a mini-series, but it has an MPAA rating, so ??

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@sully51: Who is "Sarah Jane"? The show is "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

I googled this and there are several people out there talking about "Terminator: The Sarah Jane Chronicles." Am I going crazy or are all these people unaware of the real name of the series?


@wickedd365: Agreed. Those six Clerks episodes are pretty good (I think I would even say that I liked them better than Clerks 2)


@cengland0: Probably a mix up with the Sarah Jane Adventures that went on for a couple years :)


@samstag: The Buffy series was much, much better than the movie.


@cengland0: Doh. Yeah @inkycatz is right. I do that a lot. I thought both series were good.


@j5: That was a miniseries released on TV wasn't it? I'm not sure it qualifies as a movie since it ended up being season 1 of the series.


I would have to say MASH, which was derived from a film of the same name. (I know there should be asterisks between the letters, but when I post they all disappear except for the one between the "S" and "H," so I had to delete them.)

Also, STAR WARS: CLONE WARS is pretty good. Better than prequel films on which it is based.


@thetexastwister: It's crazy, but would this work? M * A * S * H?

EDIT: It did. Also, great choice of a series!


I choose Highlander. After all, "There can be only one.".


@jsimsace: Also thought if Sean Connery had any bastard children wandering around Hollywood, Adrian Paul would've been number one on my list. Don't ask my why. There's just a certain je ne sais quoi about the man.


@jsimsace: Heh, had not thought of putting spaces between the asterisks and the letters. Thanks.

Y'know, I'm old enough to remember when M * A * S * H was a first run series and not a pop culture icon. Oh man, I'm suddenly feeling oh so very old.