questionswhat place do you hate going to, but realize you…


The Department of Motor Vehicles (a.k.a. DMV or tag office). Hands down.


It used to be the DMV, but now I renew on-line. (Thank you, internet!)

Now it's the dentist's office, because I haven't figured out how to manage that online.


i detest stopping for gas.
it's irrational, how very much i hate stopping at the pump.
pure laziness, too, btw. not an environmental thing, or a political thing. i just hate being disrupted from wherever i was headed.


Used to be the grocery store.


@adadavis: I also renew our tags online, but you can't do that with a DL. Trips are also called for when a new or used vehicle is purchased, and here they will occasionally take your tag out of service so you have to go get a new one(like change from letters-numbers to numbers-letters). Thankfully trips there are scarce. :)


@jsimsace: My last DMV trip was for a new tag and to renew DL. I was in and out with both in < 6 min. It was almost fun. .. Okay, not really - but as nearly painless as it gets, considering what the DMV was like pre-internet.


@xarous: I think you owe me $20, sir. You too, @miquinn.

But @miquinn - instead of $20, you have to go to bed at 8pm instead of 10pm tonight.

I don't want to take all the allowance money your parents give you.


@xarous: Oh, there you go again. That will be another $20.



that's what I get trying to troll a troll


Your defeat, that is.

I take cash, check, PayPal and money orders.


lol what did I do this time!? :D


@miquinn: tl;dr Iggz talks to himself, made me comment, and then caught me attempting to troll, now he expects us to pay him. If he pm's me his addy I will send it that way.


Hair cutting salons, gas stations, work, clothes shopping (sometimes solved by the internet)


Work, the dentist and the doctor


@pemberducky: I'm the same way, and it is also totally irrational for me. I know exactly how many trips back and forth to work I can get once my gas light turns on, and will practically run empty before I fill up. It is really ridiculous.


@jsimsace: They have the coolest thing out here in NM (or at least in Albuquerque). They call them Rapid DMV. They are private DMVs that report to the DMV. You wait no longer than 15 min and you are talking to a person. Many times I have walked in and been first in line. Granted you pay a small "convenience fee", but it has been well worth it for me. The people have been nice and I am in and out wicked fast.

As for what I hate the grocery store. The wife and I flip a coin to see who has to go that week.


Doctor's office for anything other than a physical.


Visiting relatives at the cemetery, flowers for their birthdays etc.


Hands down first place: Dentist

Close second: Birthday parties for my friends' kids.
I don't have kids. Don't really like kids. For the most part, I'm OK with the kids my friends have, but I seriously dislike being around a lot of kids. They all know this, yet I am constantly invited. If I can't wiggle out of it, I have to brace myself for a couple hours of misery.


@ittybittyx: I agree with you on both Dentist (especially after that root canal) and any place with lots of little kids.

I'll also second Havocsback's vote for the cemetery. Too painful to visit.

But I would also add any college course when it is Final Exam day.


Local city office to pay property taxes.