questionscommunity order?


Deals posted on the community are not items sold from or affiliated with Woot!. We are simply a community of people (like you) who find good deals on the internet and share them. The deal you are inquiring about was live yesterday but is now expired. Sorry for any confusion, hopefully you can cancel the order. In the future, don't purchase anything if the prices at checkout are not what you expect them to be.


Lie is such a harsh word.

Deals.Woot is a collection of internet retail deals posted by community members. These deals may be good for limited amount of time and it's up to you, the consumer, to check the deal before purchasing.

If you find a deal that is no longer active, you can tattle it so that it can be marked as expired. Please note that Deals staff does not regularly check deals to see if they are still active. We rely on community members to either expire their own deals or to tattle on deals that need to be expired.

Hope that helps.


Oh whats the point. It's not like Marylou is actually going to read this or respond. They never do!

vote-for5vote-against your credit, it sounds like from the beginning of the deal, Sears wasn't willing to honor the online price in-store. That should have been a red flag.

I guess it sucks that you got $60 worth of hose for $100.

That being said Deals.woot has no control over what is posted (other than the moderators deleting rule-breaking stuff). The community tries to keep things accurate, but things slip through the cracks.

It is a nice hose, though.


Oh, dear! You got hosed! ;-) Please see above responses; not woot's fault.


Hi Marylou! Come here often? Your avatar's hair looks nice. :)