questionsare iphone imei unlocks for real?


my reply won't really answer your question, but anyhoo. as i understand it, for about a year now it's been illegal to unlock your own phone (even after your contract is up) without the carrier agreeing to it, thanks to the dmca. see, for example, this news story about it:

before 2013, you may have been able to get at&t to unlock your phone, but it's a bit more difficult now. just fyi.

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@no1: so I guess my only option is to raise a big enough stink at Sprint customer service that they allow me to do it. ;) My wife is good at that stuff. Lol. Or just sell it and buy a unlocked one from the beginning. It's strange how different wireless providers are in USA vs the rest of the world...


You may want to verify that it is actually locked. Many people assume they are, but it is not necessarily true in many cases. Sprint in particular.

Run it here:

It probably is locked, but it is free to check.


@morriea: That's funny, your link takes me to a website that offers to 'factory unlock' my phone if it is locked...Looks a lot like all the other websites that want to charge to do this. Is this your website or have you personally used it?


@jbraunonline: I do not use it to unlock anything, only to verify that something is locked/unlocked before selling/buying it. It will give you that information if you input the IMEI. The rest is probably the paid advertisement. It is not my website. I have no clue how to unlock a phone myself and have never had one unlocked through a service myself, sorry.


this website is legit and when i go to it, i see no ads at all? type in your imei and it just says locked or unlocked


@morriea: So the results of my IMEi say "SIM Lock:Unknown" WTF? The FAQ does not mention this. I might have to email their support I guess or try another website? Have you got UNKNOWN before?


@jbraunonline: I have gotten UNKNOWN before. It was a Sprint iPad mini and it ended up being an INVALID IEMI. It was unable to be activated on Sprint, but was able to use a pre-paid T-Mobile SIM card. In your case, I assume that is not the case since it is your own phone. Looks like it was really not much help in this case. Checking never hurts, though.


Sprint will not unlock the device for use in the USA. They will however unlock it if you tell them you're traveling and need it to work in another country. The USA is so far behind in mobile service it isn't funny. All other countries, their phones are compatible with any carrier and unlocked out of the box. This is why I now pay full price for all my phones and only buy unlocked. Stick a sim in and go. It may cost more upfront, but I'm not stuck for 2 years in a contract and can pay less for service. Over the course of 2 years I save quite a bit including the phone cost. Anyway, try telling Sprint you're traveling and need the phone to work in another country.

PS, if it's an older iPhone from Sprint that doesn't have a SIM card slot, it will not work with any other carrier anyway, so it's pointless to even try.