questionswho's dressed up in a costume for working today?


3rd day of work at a part time job... didn't really care enough to ask if anyone does anything. I guess if anyone gives me crap for not even trying i can just put on a frown and say i dressed as a sad dodger fan.


Since there aren't a lot of posts here I will take up a bunch of space. On Tuesday night I still had no ideas, so I was wandering Big Lots looking for inspiration when I came on the baby dolls in the toy aisle. I started thinking about Julie on the Walking Dead and how we'd speculated on what would happen if the baby was infected with the zombie virus and died in the womb. My costume (and a really gruesome baby) was born.


@agingdragqueen: Waaaat. The original video is in the rotation of the developer's dashboard monitor today.


@moondrake: OHMYGOD! I can never UNsee that now!


@moondrake: Geez! You are terrifying! What an awesome costume!

I work for a bunch of AXXholes. Never any fun for me.


I am dressed as a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.


@hot72chev: I'm having a good time right now scaring the kiddoes on the clock. We are temporarily located in a rec center and we created a really cool haunted hallway in our area. The kids are coming in for the City Parks Department sponsored Halloween party so they are being routed through our haunted hallway and we are standing out there being scary.


@moondrake: OH HOLY CARP!! What in the world did you do to make that gawdawful wound on your head? It's great!


@magic cave: Paint costume grade liquid latex on clean, dry skin. Fairly thick, or a couple of coats. Wait till it dries clear. Dab green and grey costume paint over the top. Slide a toothpick under the edge or into the middle and carefully lift away from your skin. If you do this someplace with hair it's going to sting. Dab a QTip in a bit of black grease paint and a bit of red grease paint. Slip under the lifted latex and rub around. You can use this to loosen the latex or stretch it some. Make sure to rub paint on the inside of the latex flap as well as the skin beneath. It looks extra good if you powder the skin with baby powder but leave the skin under the flap moist looking. I did this on my arms (I had several wounds on my hands and arms) but the powder irritates my eyes so I didn't put it on my face.


@moondrake: I'm saving info for next year. Thanks!


I'm late to the post. A friend gave me a bright red and black wig. So I wore that dressed all in black w/ shark tooth around my neck and funky striped socks and red shoes and used red make up to paint blood on my face. I pinned a bat ( the mammal not the baseball kind ) to my wig.
I put molds of my teeth from having a TMJ sleep bite thing made by the dentist in the bowl of candy along w/ a big black spider.
Most of the kids tried to take my teeth molds ! "Those are only for decoration" Was second only to "Happy Halloween"

@moondrake : where do you buy costume make up supplies ?


@ceagee: We used to have a pro quality costume shop in my neighborhood but they closed years ago. I bought the Stein's liquid latex and some Mehron colors way back when. Both are very good names in costume paint. You can find Mehron supplies on EBay. I am not finding Stein's, I hope they haven't closed since it says "since 1883" on the bottle. Since I was putting the costume together at the last minute I bought cheapie colors at Walgreens Wednesday night, the only good quality thing I used was the latex.