questionshow's it going with your android-modded hp…


I'm still using it frequently. (CM9) No real desire to upgrade to CM10 any time soon. Only problems I've had are sometimes (when the battery is too low?) it'll get locked up and not respond. (blank screen) I have to do the soft reset or whatever you wanna call it to get it to boot up again. WebOS is certainly more stable, but I enjoy my IP Cam Viewer (baby monitor), Flixter, Netflix, Dish Anywhere, HBO Go, Roku, Xbox SmartGlass, MS RD Client, etc, etc, etc, Android apps that I use all the time.
Have you looked into the OpenMobile ACL for webOS HP Touchpad?
I think it's currently in alpha for the kickstarter backers...
I think it'll be sluggish and have a lot of force close type of errors, but we'll see.


This is interesting timing for this question. I was just looking at my bookmarks folder with all the tutorials (that i've never finished reading, let alone tried) for putting android on my touchpad and was wondering if i should. I would certainly use it more often if for nothing else than the media apps bsmith1 mentioned. Anyway, I cannot answer your question, at least not yet, but it does get me thinking seriously about putting cm9 onto it.


@jthebird1977: I encourage you to try it. It's certainly nice to have the option to boot into either one, and I had it working great until I apparently loaded too many apps onto the tablet. But it's so nice to have access to all those shiny, Android apps! It took me a while, b/c I wanted to make sure I was following all the steps properly, but you don't need to be a tech whiz to install it. I like that guy's instructions from WebOSNation, they didn't presume much prior experience.

It's not hard to do, though as an intelligent but not technically savant user I did feel a bit nervous with the first install -- I had a couple of fails, and then thought I had failed again when this weird thing of tumbling, colored cards took over my screen. Little did I know, that was the CM9 boot video at the time! Apparently I wasn't the only one who saw that and panicked. More recently they changed it to something more overtly Android-looking, which would be more reassuring for a first-timer.


@infrom: after re-reading that last sentence, I should post a new Woot question: "How many times is it acceptable to use the word "more" in one sentence?" I'm sure I could have done more than 3, if I'd just made the effort.


@infrom: Thanks for the encouragement (and the kick in the pants.) I'll probably get after it soon. Curious though, how much drive space is needed to run android? I've got a bunch of webos apps and a few movies stored on it that i may have to get rid of.


I needed more internal space on my CM9 touchpad because I got GTA Vice City for free through amazon app store. It is almost 2 gb and was too large to install. I couldn't figure out how to install directly to "SD" storage. I followed the steps at the following link to increase the "internal" memory size. (starting at the paragraph that begins, "The last fix/workaround...")
Sort of a weird concept since it's all internal storage on the touchpad, but makes sense when you start thinking of it like drive partitions.

It's nice that such fixes are out there. Still getting plenty of use out of the touchpad.


@bsmith1: I updated the TP to KitKat a couple of months ago. I believe that a solution for the SD card issue was included in the update.

I'm enjoying/using the TP a lot more now with the update. Seems a lot less buggy. Haven't felt motivated to try Lollipop yet.