questionswhat do i have to do in sept to get a jumbowoot…


You must find and delivery a cast-iron work desk to @inkycatz.


The list is long and distinguished, but lets start with @agingdragqueen

I kid.....Just stay active in the community. Post deals when you see them and answer questions when you have something to add (on the internets everyone has something to add).

Good luck!


Yo, Bravehair! The first rule of jumbowoot coupons is DON'T ASK FOR OR ABOUT JUMBOWOOT COUPONS.

Be active on deals.woot and cross your fingers that you perform the mystery task of the month and if you receive a jumbowoot coupon, say "thank you"


It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…


You must make a pilgrimage to Carrollton Texas, Woot mecca, in July or August. Once there you must sit zen style on the outdoor loading dock from 9am- 6pm, never moving. Sometime during the last hour you will begin to see "visions" the "visions" will lead you to that which you desire.


You have to tattle on any deal that may or may not contain an item that is red, or has any red on it.


@capguncowboy: AND do it on a day of the week that contains an A


@fierytresses: Some are funny, most are just sad.

Especially the down-vote brigade.

Down-vote this post if you hate Jesus.


You've been blessed so far. The real smarta$$es don't show up for their shift until a couple of hours from now. I am currently assigned to every 3rd Wednesday at 9 PM woot time.