questionsdo you need 129 woot! monkeys?


Woot monkeys are fun and all but I feel with 129 of them your fingers will get sore fast and an injury may occur. Safety First!


of course!!! everyone needs 129 woot monkeys!

i think that overall, the seller would be much more likely to get more money by breaking these up into smaller sets. sell the large ones as a set, sell the keychains as a set, then divide the regulars up so there is one of each kind in several smaller sets.


Only if Dream Cheeky releases a USB device that can launch them all at once.
I want to hear their screeeeeeams!


I don't think there will be many non-woot bidders. As they disappointedly don't see value in Woot Monkeys. I don't expect the seller to get what they truely want from the auction.


No, I only need 124 woot! monkeys. 129 is just too many.


Do I need? No. Do I want? Kind of. Just imagine a room of monkeys.


Item Condition: Used

I guess I'll have to pass...


The original post was $400 with a Buy It Now of $1000 and he didn't even have any of the cool ones like Mr. Rutherford.


Get 'em while you can! I mean, you sure wouldn't want to get caught shy of a 100 monkeys or so.


Is 129 Screaming Monkies necessary?

Necessary? Necessary?!! I don't know... is it necessary that for me to drink my own urine?


No! But I do it anyway because it's sterile, and I like the taste. And these monkies are soft, and I like their sound.


As the resident shirt.woot collector, I will refrain from answering this question ...


@eraten: The seller should have said, "Item Condition: Refurb." :)


No....Im waiting for the kidfoot
plush dolls


Do I need 129 woot! Monkeys? No. Do I want 129 woot! Monkeys? Yes...then again, I packed my current collection up when I moved house a few months ago, not sure how many I have, but when I set down the 18 gallon tote that was filled to the top with them, hearing many of them screaming at once was fairly impressive.


It's at $100+$30 shipping and the reserve is still not met... Screw this guy


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: $30 shipping ? Does it come with some cinderblocks? WTH ?


It seems that the seller took the ABT theory to heart.....sometimes with two accounts? That must have been love......

EDIT: @theoneill555: Thanks for the forum link. The auction makes more sense now. :)


Thank you everyone for contributing and thank you @theoneill555 for the link. Very nice read and well written post. I feel the same way, thew new monkeys break my heart.


I good with the 12 monkeys I have now.


Skin them and make a screaming quilt for Halloween.