questionsventless gas fireplace: to install or not to…


I have 3. Two inside and one in my garage. They have been wonderful. I say install!

Add: I have had mine for about 7 years, and cannot remember who makes them, but they are all the cabinet kind that I bought from Home Depot on clearance.


First of find out what your building codes have to say. If you live in town it may not be legal. Having said that the last 2 places I have lived I have put them in and loved them. Make sure you get one with a thermostat. Those are nicer than the ones that just have high medium and low.

I have no idea why municipalities are so down on them. A gas range doesn't vent outside those are fine. If your house was so well insulated that the fireplace started to use up all the oxygen they are designed to shut off before you suffocate.

I have used them for years, love them, recommend them.

Mine is a Dyna Glo brand I got on end of season clearance at Lowes years ago. Unfortunately Dyna Glo got bought out by Mr.Heater. I like mine better because it actually has a fake log in it that heats up and changes color when the heater runs. I haven't seen any others with the log in the last few years.


Wouldn't that be a carbon monoxide hazard? Not dissing the things, I am actually interested. But venting isn't to pull oxygen, it's to vent carbon monoxide. It's true your gas stove isn't vented to the outside (I hadn't thought about it before), but you will run a fireplace much longer than a stove, and some people will run something like that while they are asleep. My house is going to be 100 this year, and I have one of those old fashioned radiator heaters in the floor, just a gas fire with a metal grate on top, basically. Carbon monoxide is always a concern with these things, and I just got my windows modernized so I am paying extra close attention to it. I have a carbon monoxide detector a few feet from the heater and I make sure the batteries are fresh in it. The new one I just bought has a numerical reading on the amount of CM it is detecting which is extra reassuring.


Carbon Monoxide is a concern. Since you don't loose heat out of the chimney you can burn less gas in a smaller flame than a regular gas fireplace. Certainly if you install one of these (or if you have any gas appliances in the house) carbon monoxide detectors(note the s) are a must.

We upgraded our detector to one with an lcd read out when we put in new windows. I have set the detector right under the heater, turned it up on high and ran it for a while and have never gotten a reading.


@moondrake: It was for me, but having the detectors was a definate need. We have had ours for 7 years and the cm detectors have yet to go off. I have the detectors placed all around the house, but also by each fireplace.

They also make the electric ones, for those who are concerned. I have found that they use a ton of electricity and don't heat as well, but that was before we got the gas ones, so improvements may have been made.


@garfield43: My house is teeny and split level. The upper level living area (the lower floor is a gaming room we use only on the weekends) is only about 8-900 square feet, so I figure a single CM detector is adequate.


@garfield43: It's about 0.5 miles outside the city limits and the county has nothing to say on the matter, so that shouldn't be a problem.

@moondrake: The house is already equipped with CM detectors, although we would probably install another one nearer to the fireplace for good measure.

I actually got the idea from the home inspector that came and looked the house over. When I lamented that the only thing we were missing was a fireplace, he clued me in. Said he likes them, and he believes they're safe but that people are just scared of them without thinking. Also said that once I get one installed he'd be happy to come by for free to check it out for CM for me, great guy.

Thanks for all the input! Feel free to chime in some more, too, still considering but at least it would be a little ways off, looks to be about a $1600-2000 investment.


@ki4rxm: wow. we got ours for about 200.
adding to @garfield43 ours runs well enough that heating a room or two with it keeps the rooms toastier than if we had the house heater running and cost about 20 a month to keep those rooms at 80degrees, thus reducing the need for the house heater.