questionsdo you still get trick or treaters?


When we moved into our first house a couple years ago, we were excited for trick-or-treaters too. The first year we got four or maybe six total. The second year we had none at all, so we called up a friend with three daughters and they came over and relieved us of our candy.

We live halfway up a hill that is, I kid you not, about 45 degrees. I think that deters trick-or-treaters from walking to our house.

But hey, more candy for us!


Oct. 31st is the only day of the year we turn our energy-saving porch light off.
Bah Humbug!


We get lots of them, and I think it's great. I still always buy too much, so by the end of the night the last stragglers to our door are rewarded with handfuls of candy.


Yes. It can vary a little from year to year, but we get a fairly good flow of people from about 5:30 to 8/8:30 (when I turn the lights out).


Our part of town has about 6-8 kids who would be in that age range, so we don't participate. A couple of years ago, in a different part of town, we were all in.


No one likes to walk up the long driveway and the houses are set too far apart in my neighborhood. The first year I lived here I had trick-or-treaters come to the door 3 times. The 2nd year I only had them come up twice, so I don't participate at this point. Down the road a bit is a townhouse development and they get a bunch of kids.


The Dollar Store is a cheap place to get candy if you're expecting lots of kids. We always leave for the evening because all the strangers knocking on the door makes my poor dog crazy. So we take the dog and some supplies and find somewhere to hang out for awhile. The things we do to make our furkids happy :-)


Where I live is very hilly and there are no streetlights. I get maybe 1-2 groups of em. At's alright though- more candy for me.


TONS. We're 2 houses down from the elementary school. Ran out of candy last year in 2 hours. This year we doubled the supply.


At my previous house, we got a good number - around 75-100. Some were brought in by the van loads from apartments down the road though.

This house, I stocked up on candy the first year. Put out Halloween lights. Not one kid. Not even the kids across the street. Last year, I just turned out the lights. Will do the same this year.


I live in Pennsylvaina, the most ass-backwards state when it come to Halloween. Many towns decide when Halloween is. If Halloween is in the middle of the week, they tell people to do it on a Friday or they extend it 2 days, I don't understand it, it drives me nuts, it will be a Thursday and the doorbell will ring 3 days before Halloween and there will be kids looking for candy.


@bsmith1: Hurricane Sandy will help you save even more monies on power