questionswhich sites besides woot are affected by the aws…


...or you could just not depend on the cloud.

Anyway, among others, Netflix was affected. Reddit appeared to have some serious slowdowns. I saw a list, somewhere or other, but most of the things on it were not high on my list of caring at this time of night, so I didn't pay much attention.

It'll all settle out.

I'm MUCH sadder to hear about the life lost in the storm that spanked that data center, truthfully.


@shrdlu: I mentioned the death, as well as the two million people without power, on another thread, and noted that it certainly put an internet outage into perspective: I wasn't trying to minimize the importance of the tragedy that's resulted from an awful storm, and I'm horrified if my question came across that way. At 2AM woot time, there wasn't anything that I could do right then to make a difference to those affected by the storm. I was reading about the storm, which led to articles about the outage at AWS, and I started thinking along the lines of your first sentence: what are the consequence of consolidating the physical structures of the internet? We can easily live without netflix, etc., but it seems like we're vulnerable in case of natural disaster: a hurricane or earthquake could wipe out one of the AWS centers easily. Sure, being without woot would be fine, but how consolidated are the servers hosting the major news sites, for example?


@neuropsychosocial: Yes, that's where I got the information. It's been a long night. I know a a whole LOT of people in that area, and it's been tough getting news of any of them. I'm just tire.

I am not fond of clouds, nor of outsourcing services that your business depends on. It's one thing for Woot to do it, but quite another to see a business that should be otherwise sensible become dependent on google docs/services, and on cloud services, without considering the consequences. It's why I print out, on photo stock, pictures that are especially important to me, and why I buy certain books in paper (even if I've read them digitally).

Ignore me. I'm just tired.


@neuropsychosocial: Most of the serious sites aren't using AWS. Just so you know.


@neuropsychosocial: Just to add to the list, since you did ask for one:

According to comments from a mailing list, various sites down included Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, Heroku, Woot. Pocket(Read It Later) and others. There were a bunch of openID sites. There were also apparently a bunch of DNS sites (especially bad; I can think of absolutely no good reason for anyone to put a DNS server in the cloud, unless it's just a secondary).

I also heard of slowdowns on Reddit, but that may have been due to the fact that it was one of the few places that was up and the discussion about this failure was hot and heavy for a bit. Not sure that Reddit's still on AWS, but it is akamaized, so you'd expect it to hold up under traffic (and it did).

I'm sure there were others, but the world's already moved on to other things. Me too, mostly.


It looks like I didn't miss much if those are the only sites affected.