questionsfinally! google chrome's spellchecker is updated…


Never had any issues with Chrome spellchecker but I appreciate improvements just the same!


I too am tired of having to add regularly used words from other languages like ad hominem . . . wait . . .

Crap! hominem still isn't in there! Worse, Google has no suggestions either. Oh well . . .

PS: The "Ask Google" feature has been around for some time. Are you just now noticing or just now commenting?


I don't really use the spellchecker. I just know how to spell.


@zuiquan: Most of the time I don't notice that I have a spellchecker unless I "fat-finger" a key. It's handy then. Props to you for your spelling, capitalization and punctuation. :)


@zuiquan: I type so fast, my eyes cannot keep up with the rate at which I can press keys, so I cannot detect errors. The computer has a hard time buffering my keystrokes, so my computer lags while trying to process massive amount of data that is being sent. By the time this is posted, I will have already been asleep for 5 minutes because of how quickly I type.

One time I bought a wooden keyboard...big mistake. After 20 minutes, all I had left was embers.

However, a benefit of such fast and accurate typing is that my fingers create vortexes of wind which suck the dirt and dust from my keyboard, keeping it immaculately clean. If I have to clean the left side of the keyboard, all I have to do is open the dictionary to "Q" and start typing.

Alas, my numpad keys only get cleaned once a year, around tax time. I have tried everything possible, but it still takes me an excessive time of 30 seconds to complete and file my taxes. I've tried lowering it to a respectable 20 seconds to no avail.


I guess maybe it's because I grew up in an era before computers or smartphones and you actually needed to know how to spell so you didn't look like a moron whenever you had to write a letter or resume or whatnot.