questionswhat is the best cat flea preventative?


How could I resist this thread? I can't - so here's my advice based on my previous cat who was very sensitive to fleas. (Most cats can take a certain low level of flea and just brush it off, some cats are just no.)

Anyway we had great results with Revolution. Easy to apply, too. Hope that helps you out, but as always do ask your vet. FYI info link.


I live in the DEEP south and I have always used Frontline, mind you my cat is not 20 lbs. I have never had a flea problem what so ever. Perhaps you could talk with your vet about using a small dog version of it on your big cats.


@crowsnest: Oh I don't know about the 'small dog' version part of what you said, but then I'm really strict on making certain cat formulated stuff is used with my cat.

It's totally a check the vet thing on that though, they would know best.


I've seen two different vets in the same office, and one recommended Advantage, the other Frontline. But they both said it takes time to know which would really work best. I'm just really bothered that the Advantage isn't working for more than a month!


The best preventative measure for keeping your cats from having fleas is keeping them indoors. It also increases their life expectancy.

That is, of course, more like supplemental advice in regards to your particular situation. Certainly follow the advice of others for flea medication, but if you can manage it really should consider training your cat to live indoors.


First of all, NEVER use dog flea preventative on cats or vise versa- it's POSION!!
Secondly, my vet recommended Advantage and Revolution
I reccommend keeping them inside as well

Good luck