questionsare extended life batteries for smartphones worth…


Depends on the phone and (extended capacity) battery.

For me, no. I live, work and (mostly) travel in areas with good to great signal. I generally get at least a full 24 hours and usually 36-48 out of my stock batteries, even after a year or more of use.

For my co-worker, who lives in an area with less signal and travels though areas with little or no signal, it means the difference between needing to recharge his phone partway through the day and being able to get 18 or more hours of use.


If your phone battery is old, simply getting a new battery will help you out.


I'd also say it depends. With my phone (an iPhone 4) my battery is typically good enough. If I ever need to charge, I have an extra charge cable in my bag, one in my car and in my if my battery is ever low, I'm covered. A couple cables in common places might be a better alternative.

Extended batteries do get the job done, but you should compare the power. If it's not a significant difference in capacity, you probably won't see a significant difference in performance.


With my sensation 4g it was a necessity and well worth it. when I got my phone with moderately heavy use (some light web surfing, and streaming music) it would be dead within 4 hours. with the new battery I can get heavy use (games, web surfing, music streaming) for about 9 hours.


I had one for my old 4g evo, and it was great. I found it worth it for that phone... I can't speak for the rest, though generally they do help those of us with issues remembering to charge our phones get through the day more easily. If your phone spends its time plugged in or you aren't forgetful about charging it every night it might not be as worthwhile.


It's a selling point to get more of your money than they already have.


Depends on how much you buy it for. I say, if you can get a good extended battery like the ones sold buy hyperion or gorillagadgets for $20-30 that lasts the whole day, its worth it. But for $80 definitely not!


I have a Galaxy Nexus (II) and the extended battery is not showing me any love, even with my constant use of the Advanced Task Killer app to avoid wasting battery life. I wind up wit a very short charge time which is comparable to the original battery. Phooey!