questionsdid anyone else get deal bucks from living social…


Not me. Now I feel less special.


Did you join the LivingSocial Plus?

I don't buy enough of their deals to purchase a + membership which costs $20 per month. For the $20 per month membership, you receive:

- 25 deal bucks to spend each month*
- 20 deal bucks rollover if unused
- priority access to closed deals*

* 20 of the 25 Deal Bucks good for 5 years or longer as required by applicable law; 5 expire at the end of each billing period if not used. Closed deal access subject to availability


I wonder if they are trying to copy the work of @jumbowoot with trying to keep people involved by rewarding them. I did not get anything but it has been months since I bought a living social deal.


@theoneill555: Doh! (Forehead slap) You are right! I buy a lot of deals from them and I joined up last month. I can't believe I forgot. LOL. Thanks!