questionsis this the best amazon product review ever?!


OhMyGosh! That's hysterical!

Keep reading further. It seems as though a lot of people were inspired to give great reviews. Love it! And I REALLY NEEDED A LAUGH today!


@blgauthier: Oh, yes! And if you follow George Takei on Facebook, his followers are having a field day with it.


@belyndag: Thanks for the tip. I heard he was really funny on FB, but keep forgetting to friend him. Will do!


George Takei is one of the Top Reviewers on Amazon, he is one funny guy!


@ohcheri: I will look for him there, but he didn't write this one. Whoever R. Garcia is, he did a great job!


Very funny, but there are some in this past thread that make me laugh harder.


I just heard of this product the other day. It was the ad before some video I wanted to watch, and I was so captivated by it that I let the whole thing play! In case you want to check it out:


@nedreck: LOL! Thanks! I had missed that one! I did see the comments on the banana slicer that were such a hit a while back, though. I guess I need to step up my witty writing to keep up!


@pitamuffin: OMG That's hysterical! Can you imagine calling your mother?

You: Mom! I've finally made it in show business! I got a big part on a commercial!

Mom: That's wonderful, sweetie! What are you advertising and when can I see the commercial?

You: Er..............


@belyndag That is by far one of the best commercials I've seen in quite some time.


darn the luck, reported as out of stock and not sure if they will be getting anymore back in


@natedogg828: Sorry. That's why I didn't post it as a deal. Too bad. Sounds, er, useful!


LOL! DH just came by and spotted the still shot of the commercial over my shoulder. Rather like walking into the middle of a conversation. I am still explaining this to him!


@belyndag: LOL! I can imagine the look on his face!

Hey, didn't you post this question last week some time? Why is it just now showing up on the front page. I don't understand how this popular thing works. And the same thing applied to high school popularity now that I think about it. LOL!


haha! that first review was awesome!