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According to the State of Texas you must pay "a tax" on the item even if you don't live there, or the seller is not located there IF the item will be used in the state. So because the item is being sent to Texas the state assumes it will be used there, therefore it is permitted to collect taxes on the item.

"If you purchase merchandise through a catalog or the Internet from a seller located outside of Texas and use the taxable item in Texas, then you owe Texas use tax on the purchase."

So in this instance the state of Texas is not charging "Sales Taxes" but rather a "Use Tax." A use tax is independent of the location where it was purchased, but rather levied by state state in which it is being used. This way there is no conflict with sale taxes from another state. Ultimately, consumers may end up getting taxed twice on similar transactions! Yikes.

Source: Texas Comptroller,


@jyoz22: That will stop some people from shipping a gift directly to the recipient!


@thumperchick: As soon as the Tax exceeds the shipping costs I will stop using Amazon for gift purchases...