questionshas anyone else had reliability problems with…


I have ordered from them once. With that experience I learned never to order from them again, even though they did end up correcting the issue after about three weeks. Too many problems with just one little order ...


I'm sorry to hear about the issue with your order and that you are getting an error when attempting to contacting us.

Please email us directly at and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Be sure to include:
- your order number
- what browser you are using as we have been unable to replicate that error.

We ship thousands of poster orders a day and, while some issues can occur, we take full responsibility for making things right with our customers.

Thank you.


I've never purchased from them before, but stay on top of this. Your colleagues here at DW have your back, and then some.


@ magic cave: Please post back and let us all know how this goes, I have considered a few posters from them, and would love to know how this pans out. I was hoping they would respond here, this is a good first step, hope it works out, and that they make your other order right too.


@pickypickypicky: I'll contact Poster Revolution (see their comment above) later today and will definitely post back with the result. As I tried to convey in my initial question, I'd prefer to think the current difficulty is unusual for them and that it will be resolved without too much difficulty.


@magic cave: Just a thought...are you copy/pasting your message into their web form? I've run into a few websites that won't recognize the message if you do that...if you copy/paste your message then type in an extra word, comma or period it will accept it. Good Luck!! :-)


@jsimsace, @pickypickypicky @jimeezlady: I just wanted to let everyone know that I emailed the day they responded to my ATC question about their customer service. I received a response shortly afterward. then an order confirmation, then a shipping notice, and the missing two items were delivered today.


@magic cave: Thanks for posting back, that is good to know, I am glad they took care of it for you. To me, the measure of a company isn't that a problem happens, it is what they do once one does. It almost gives me more faith in a company, once I see them handle a problem to the customer's satisfaction.

Glad you got your stuff. :)


I've ordered a few times. Recently a poster came damaged. They replaced it for free and sent it to me in 2-3 days. Very happy.

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