questionswhat paid survey website do you recommend?


I currently use
I'm not sure if it's the best out there, but I just started using it a couple weeks ago!


None of them. Don't wast your time. If you need extra cash get a job at Mickey D's, at least you will get a pay check


My fiance and I used for a couple of years. At first I thought it was just a scam, but after a while we cashed in our accounts and got a couple hundred bucks in the mail a few weeks later. Took forever to get that much, but when you're bored the surveys are quick and easy to do.


@atd15: It's not that I need the money (Not saying that I couldn't use extra money). I just enjoy doing something in my free time that makes me some money.


I do surveys from the following companies (they are not all paid surveys, no company does that)

1. Pinecone Research:
2. e-rewards: (trade in the giftcard rewards on a different website)
3. Mypoints: (get a junk e-mail account and do all the surveys/free stuff and after a while you will get enough points for a decent giftcard)
4. Epoll (as mentioned by another person, but their surveys are terribly long in my opinion and all about TV)


i am a member of pinecone reasearch and i also use

a mix of surveys and human tasks that are outsourced on the cheap. reward amounts range from $ .01 - $10. There are a few that i've seen up to $50, but i have never done them. Easy way to build up BS money, but nothing trying to actually make money. Good if you have spurts of 10-30 minutes with nothing to do but watch tv or something


I use It doesn't pay cash, but you can get gift cards or stuff. I use it to get Amazon gift cards since I do a lot of shopping there anyway. Some surveys will also qualify you for product testing, so I've received free toilet paper, soda and cat food.
It does take a while to rack up enough points to redeem for a gift card, but it does kill some down time.

I've also done the mechanical turks, but the legit ones only pay a few cents to a couple of bucks. I avoid any that want personal info, want me to click on another site or post phony reviews for something. They scream scammer, to me.


You might like Consumer Village - earn points with surveys and other stuff. Points keep accumulating, and they pay out automatically (Amazon gift card codes) when your points reach certain levels. Some product tests also pay out additional fees. I just did a 1-week test of a product, then answered the follow-up survey for a $25 Amazon card. A couple weeks later, I answered an additional, more detailed followup, and got another $35.

The key with MTurk is to take qualification exams. Qualifiers make specific surveys available to those people who are qualified. These tend to pay more.

If you like doing product reviews, try Epinions - I haven't written a review there in over 5 years, but I am still getting residual payments from old reviews. (I've been there since Nov 2000) There's something of a learning curve before you get accustomed to how things work there, but you can make decent money.


Another vote here for . As stated previously, basically painless and non-intrusive.


@hackman2007: What site do you use to trade in e-rewards giftcards?


I don't use any survey sites. But, by using bing rewards I get a $5 amazon gift card every 2-3 weeks


I'm not sure specifically about surveys but I have heard good things about I know you can get amazon cards and it wasn't difficult.