questionshave you noticed the spammers trying to bump old…


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Wow! That's really pretty well-done spam -- it almost sounds legit! I don't read any of the Woot-side fora, so I can't address that question, but it does demonstrate a new level of cleverness in spammers.

Have you seen much of this, or just one or two?

And what does "PHPBB " mean?


@magic cave: I've seen a couple here and there, but this latest one prompted a query.
Oh! I just checked and it's the same spammer; lenazimmerman. (not summoning)

The way I think it works is this: The spammer is hired to promote a site (in this case used car parts) they then search forums for related topics (the other one "lena" hit was a car repair question) then proceed to pimp their site.

PHP is a web server scripting language. PHP BB is a Bulletin Board framework that runs on PHP. :D

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@j5: First, thanks for the translation.

Second, I agree fully that this is someone being paid to insert on-topic comments that on many sites might go unnoticed as being spam. Thanks for pointing it out so we can continue to be alert for further incursions.


@j5: Okay, I'll almost give her a pass on spamming based solely on the fact that the response is sufficiently tailored to fit into the conversation.

Of course, the joined-Woot date pretty much obviates it being legit.


This could be Sky Net trying to pass as a human so beware it could be a trap.


@mybestuser1: I'm totally dense. What is Sky Net and what does it do?


@magic cave: Skynet is from Terminator.

Here's some fun reading: (movie) (satellite system) (Airline)

What's funny is that I first heard about skynet because a friend was working there. (aka Belgacom Skynet) may seem to have taken the idea from the movie, but I think that they actually came up with it independently.

To my knowledge, is not self-aware.


What's the difference between a spammer and an artificial intelligence trying to take over the world...
One is a conscience free inhuman creature and the other is computer set to destroy humanity.
It's a joke.


@shrdlu: Noticed your links earlier today but we were headed to dinner with my son and I didn't have time to explore them.

Oh my!

Many thanks for the education!


@shrdlu: "To my knowledge, is not self-aware."

That is exactly what it WANTS you to believe...


@j5: oh interesting...on the other thread that lucasmarq answered, another spammer posted, as well.

interesting that these spammers are automotive-oriented. hmm...