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I'll be slightly skeptical until I get some hardwired specs of these things. When the Sony Vaio was released - everyone thought they were going to be awesome, and that they might just be the apple killer, etc. But then people realized that Sony just put a nice case around some average components and the Vaio served to look cool but not much more.

The hinged burrito shaped one... that's interesting - I wonder how sturdy that hinge is.

Also - I'd vote you up if woot would let me. :C It apparently thinks that I haven't bought anything from them. I feel like I just got jilted at the prom.


No worries on the vote, I just wanted the opinion, and I got it! Thanks! :)


As long as they don't give everyone my name, address, username, password and credit card information, then I'd be somewhat interested. But they're from Sony, so I might be asking too much.


@wingnutzero: That joke is getting OLD really fast. As if this hasn't happened to MANY companies in the past. Wait. Let me give you this piece of wood with a rusty nail in it so you can continue to beat the dead horse.

OR... You could respond with something that moves the conversation along. :)


@claudicina: MANY companies haven't had databases with over 70 million accounts in them. Are you implying that Sony's negligence is OK because other companies have had data breaches as well? Because if Sony wants to be recognized as a world leader in electronics, then they should be able to handle something like data encryption.

My opinion is quite valid, regardless of your attempt dismiss it: unless Sony demonstrates improved data management, network protection, and a customer service policy that actually gives people full and timely disclosure when things go south, then I have no reason to trust their products.


It is cool but not this cool!

Folding screen so you can fit it in your pocket would be nice. I have never been a fan of wearing\carrying my bleeding edge equipment for others to see, too many questions. When I carry my tablet I bring a paper notebook to hide it as it is.

No it is not a black iPad...No I do not have angry birds on it...No you should not get one...No you can not touch it...I really got to get going.


@wingnutzero: My point is... They are not the first company to be hacked. Relax high speed. You're the one that came in here flinging negativity, not I...

And yes, I agree that Sony dropped the ball. But buying a tablet doesn't automatically give them your info, does it? They still make a fine product in my opinion. My point was that this thread was about a product that I liked, not a forum for people to gripe about what in my opinion is unrelated.

But I guess people will always have something to complain about.


I also prefer the Asus EEE Pad Transformer. I only wish that those guys at Asus think more about branding their products to be exciting and build a tribe around them.

Apple has done that well, almost too well, to brainwash the population that they are so great, when they commit many atrocities in China (their production line) and refuse to be audited about their Green claims (they are one of the few companies that refused). I am now proudly Apple free, got rid of all of their products, and replaced them with superior items.