questionsis there any customer service with this company…


They have an email. I've emailed them three times over the past three years and they've always gotten back to me within two days and completely solved my problem, most of the time at their expense.'s not like have a number and a voice to talk to, but just trust the kind of works for them.


Is there any Company Name with this question? I can't find any! No links or words!!


Hi there.

If you purchased something from a deal on Deals.Woot, you need to go back to the sie from which you placed the order.

If you ordered something from a Woot retail site (Woot, Shirt, Wine, Sport,, you can email for assistance. You should get an automated response almost immediately. A customer service rep will respond within one to two business days.

Here's the link to the Woot FAQ:


@thunderthighs: There you are being helpful...Thanks!


I think it's a rhetorical question. Or a rant. Or not.


Sorry you missed it, although understandable as it's a bit small. The write us link is right near the top on the What Is Deals.Woot? page, left hand side.

It says:

what is deals.woot?

If you have read that whole FAQ over there, and still have a problem/question you can write us