questionswho refurbs the computers sold on woot?


1st contact Woot! They are good about fixing problems. They take returns.

Was it in a brown HP box? Then it is probably a factory (HP) refurb.


He did, and they have been pressing him to contact HP. HP wants to charge him for recovery discs, etc. I think Woot is finally beding to allow him to return it, but they don't have a replacement. I'll have to ask him about the box, sounds like a good clue.

Please provide all appropriate information regarding your order.

All told.


@jumbowoot: He's contacted service, that's where some of the problems cropped up and I got the idea to ask the question. I was just curious who refurbs those items.


@bund9032 Sorry for the issues! Woot doesn’t actually do any of the refurbishing in house. However, our refurbished HP products are factory refurbished by HP and come with an HP warranty. Sometimes HP will deny warranty support if you contact them without registering the device first. Try registering it and then contact them again for support.

Please feel free to email us at if you continue to have issues getting assistance.


@denniswkam: I think that's exactly what has happened in this case. Thanks for answering, I was quite sure the fine and dependable people at Woot were not to blame for the refurb issue. I just wanted to be able to tell my dad HP dropped the ball on the computer, while Woot is merely the middle man for getting products into consumers hands. I'll mention the registration item to him in case he hasn't done that already. Thanks again!


This is the Dad. Yes, the computer was in a brown HP-refurbished box. And instead of the spec'd 10GB of memory, there was only 8. I'm on hold with HP now to see if they will send me the extra 2GB. Yes, the pc is registered with HP.


@bund9032: Interesting question, and one that I have wondered about myself. I didn't expect that woot did their own refurbs, but you never know. I wonder if their Apple refurbs are done by Apple or a 3rd party. Anyone know? As for the original question, you are in the right place, and did the right thing by getting JW's attention. He rocks.


@denniswkam: After 30 minutes on hold with HP, they told me to ask Woot again about the missing 2GB memory stick. HP just said they provide technical support. I'm supposed to get a call from HP in the morning so I can beg for a memory stick.


My guess is Monte & Mortimer


@jsimsace: The refurbished Apple products are not refurbished by Apple. This creates some hate and discontent every time a refurb iPod is sold on Woot. The quality of the units is quite variable, from like new to kind of beat up. Also, they only have a 90 day warranty, the Apple refurbs have a 1 year.