questionshow to i inform woot that fedex lost my package?


Write to and they will handle it for you.


@jsimsace: You win because you're faster than I am.


Thank you! Have a great weekend!


I was way off, I was gonna say that you have to summit the mountain near woot HQ in carrollton and speak to the mystic that lives in the cave.


@dw1771: I think the only mountains near Carrolton are at the mini-golf place in Euless or used to be landfills. But summiting one of those could be fun...



I first read that as "... submit the mountain ..." (as in bringing the mountain to Mohammed) and was about to post that dealing with is not that hard.

Fortunately, @gt0163c posted before I saw this and saved me a wee bit of embarrassment.


For the OP, I once had that exact problem. Interestingly, the day I contacted FedEx miraculously "found" the package and the original one made it to me a few days later. I think sometimes FedEx just needs a nudge from someone a little more powerful. Hopefully you have the same luck!


@inkycatz: Thanks, but it's all about timing. I was about 15 seconds faster, which is amazing because I don't know how to type. I was actually hanging out on facebook, waiting for the BOC. NOT.