questionscan i trust daily steals?


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I've purchased from them and haven't had a problem.


Sometimes it takes them a couple of weeks to ship something, which in the Internet age, seems like years, but I haven't had any problems with getting the stuff I've ordered.


Have purchased many items from them; never had a problem. Ever.


I've used them on occasion for items, but as mentioned before, their shipping can be horribly they aren't very good at communicating when things are shipped and/or when to expect what you ordered. That being said, I always get what I order.


I'll echo the other comments: reliable descriptions and my orders have always arrived, albeit comparatively slowly, which isn't a problem for me.


Here's my opinion of dailysteals: I have bought about 5 things from them, and as others have mentioned, they take forever to ship. I believe everything I've bought has worked, but it never seems to be in the original package/ always seems lower quality than it should. I wouldn't hesitate to buy something inexpensive like that $5 item you are considering, but I'm not sure I would trust them with, say a $400 camera. Also, know that that power bundle is worth no where near the $50 list price they claim.


I've purchased from them several times and had only one problem (the USPS accepted an item from them, lost it and DailySteals insisted I had to deal with the USPS to resolve the problem... I gave up after spending over 90 minutes on the phone (2 calls) as the ~$11 didn't warrant wasting more time).

Item quality is about what you'd expect... mostly not great but not crap either.

Like most daily deal sites, figure on at least two weeks before delivery and do not be surprised if it takes four.


I've ordered a total of 3 things from them, a re-branded HP monitor, a leather wallet, and a micro SD card, all came as described, and in good condition. The monitor did take a good 2 weeks to get to me, but they're a good dealer otherwise.


I have several purchases from them. Shipping is slow. I got one item that must have been damaged in shipping (USPS). The corner of the package was completely crushed in and the box looked like someone used it as a step-stool. It was a tablet and the female ac adapter in the unit was broken loose. I emailed them and a return with a prepaid label from them went smoothly. It did take them some time to credit my account.


I've only ordered once from them and like others I had no problems except the long wait.


Worst experience with online shopping I've ever had was with Dailysteals. I'll never buy from them again. They have very immoral business practices and do not deserve to be a company that continues to steal money from hardworking people. If they don't work hard, why should they be the ones getting the money.

From false advertisement, to rude customer service. Dailysteals should be avoided.


I made four orders, 3 of which were under $15. The first two arrived fine. The third was a keyboard which was sent unpackaged, in an inside out UPS envelope. Two of the keys were broken off. The last was TWO infra-red heaters at $85 each. The first came right away, but was NOT the model I ordered. The second took a month to arrive, was in a box with no packing material, and was broken. I emailed them, and they said "we'll have to check with our supplier." That was over a month ago. I ened up protesting it on my credit card and getting my money back. I won't deal with them again!


P.S. - The "Long Wait Times" are because they are resellers- They advertise stuff they don't have on hand. When you order it, THEY order it from some third party. That's why it takes so long to get, and why you SOL if it's broken.


Do not buy from Daily Steals.

Daily Steals has failed to deliver the products that I have paid for.

When I contacted Daily Steals via their portal to inquire on delivery, weeks after I had ordered the item, I was told to "allow an additional few days for this item to ship and tracking information to become available". Upon checking status though their portal The order now showed that the item had been delivered but it was not. I tried contacting Daily Steals again but they have not replied, after multiple request.

No refund was provided and further efforts at communication have been met with silence.

A cursory search of the web will reveal numerous accounts of fraud; how they'll take payment but will not deliver the purchase product.

Moreover, they'e been practicing this type of business for years, using two different websites through a holding company (Chaos Commerce Inc.).

Beware! Do not buy anything from them.


Anytime you have a no show or you receive the wrong item or an inferior item contact the number on the back of your credit card. Explain the problem to them and request them to cancel payment. The very few times I have done that problem sellers have either failed to respond and my funds were recovered into my account, or the item suddenly appear!! Please LMK what happens.