questionsare you feeling peer pressure to fill out an ncaa…


Depending on your state, it's probably an illegal form of gambling. You could call the cops on them. That'll learn 'em!
I've put in a bracket or two in before, but I wouldn't join them if I was feeling pressured and certainly not if I couldn't afford it.


Fill one out and be the guy that wins the pot w/ no experience. A lady in the office I use to work at won and she picked schools by their mascot name...


{NCAA Tournament}

Wow, that's a lot of pressure off. Crisis averted.


In short I do not feel obligated.

I have never done a bracket and don't think I ever will. Mainly because I have never been a big basketball fan and for me to fill one out would be like me pretty much giving my money away. And as a wootizen I try and keep as much money in my pockets as possible


Yes, we're getting pressured here too. I've received 6 emails about it today, as we do it through the CBS Sports website and I don't know if the ones who set it up here are having issues with the site or what the problem is, but 6 emails in a 6 hour period is ridiculous! I have played before and one year I won the top prize, but that's the only pool I've won here. Ours too is $10 each and I'm thinking I'm not participating this year. I was able to avoid the Super Bowl hopefully I can dodge this too!


It's easy with an online app.
I use this one:


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"Thanks, but I just donated my last spare 10 spot to {insert your choice of charity here}. I figured since I was gonna lose the money any way, it might as well go to a really good cause. Thanks for thinking of me! Good luck!" And then walk away or do the old pick-up-the-phone-to-make-an-important-call trick.


No pressure here...nobody cares who wins the tournament.


Don't participate if you aren't interested. If you have no knowledge then they are doing the same thing as taking money directly from your purse/wallet. If you start getting pressure push back to your supervisor: this is at least technically illegal, and you should be under no pressure at all to participate.


No, we don't have one. I wish we did.


@hot72chev: It's a nice way to get out of things by letting people know you're on a tight budget, without implying you object to the gambling, think it's stupid, etc.

Words are magical if used wisely.


That's unfortunate you feel pressured. It should just be fun for all. I don't follow college basketball but I enjoy filling out a bracket every year.
Honestly its so much luck anyway that people with no knowledge are often the winners.

Good luck to all!