questionshave you ever watched a current shows old seasons…


I think the Internet has changed my viewing habits. With Hulu, Netflix, and Prime, it is easier just to wait until a season is over, and watch the whole season.
However, this can become very addictive, I once spent a week watching 10 seasons of Law and Order SVU, my wife thought I was becoming a recluse.


It's not a strange habit, it's because we are spoiled. On DVD/Streaming services, we have no ads/commercials and can watch everything on demand. Even if we DVR shows to get rid of commercials and to possess the ability to rewind and re-watch certain parts, we still have to wait at least another 6 days and 23 hours for the next one.

It's incredibly efficient to watch an entire season in one sitting. Well, not necessarily efficient if we are just frittering away all that time, but you know what I mean.

I remember my friend watched the first 4 seasons of Lost in roughly a week and he then told me he was waiting for the next batch of dvds were released before he'd continue watching any more. He purposefully avoided talking to people that watched the show just in case they might spoil something. If it came up in any conversation, he loudly said "Stop!" and proceeded to leave the room.

I just brought that up to tell you that you are not alone. Also, that "friend" is totally not me.


doing that right now with Big Bang Theory and Leverage. Seems like it would be easier with non-serialized type shows.


I haven't had that happen. If I like a show on DVD or streaming I'll continue watching it as they release new episodes.


For me it is more fulfilling to watch an entire season at once than go from cliffhanger to cliffhanger. The best example of this was Prisonbreak. I tried watching them as they came out and it was too frustrating. 24 is another great example of a season to watch all at once.


I watched the first couple seasons of Chuck all at once when I first discovered the show, but haven't watched it at all since then.

Prison Break, I was fortunate enough to not start in on till halfway through season 4, so I was able to pretty much watch that start to finish.


I totally do this if I find a show I like. I get so frustrated trying to catch shows that are on t.v. it's way too easy to miss. I love being able to pause and come back to the show and avoid the commercials. I can plan to watch around my schedule when I'm not tired.


I like to let a group of episodes build up so that I can take an evening and catch back up.