questionshi, i am new to this concept. can someone explain…


Start here, buy a cool deal, ask neat questions!

And don't be intimidated!


I assume you're referring to the Woot-Off? You can read more about it here. If you're referring to Woot in general, it's a site that sells one item per day until it's sold out (you can read the rest of the FAQ linked above if you wanna find out more). Deals.woot is a branch off the main site that contains a community of deal finders who post whatever good deals they see on the internet to here. If you want to know more about Deals.woot, follow this link to discover the rules and general operating policies we hold to here.


{mfv} Hello, and Welcome to Deals.Woot Ask The Community!
Woot is a website that used to sell one deal a day. This was expanded to one deal per category per day, then further expanded to many categories and many things that may or may not last a day.

The Woot-off is an event that causes all of us to go crazy and buy things we don't need or really want all in an attempt to get a Good Bag of Crap.

The Bag of Crap is truly the pinnacle of the Wooting experience. If you manage to get one, your life will be complete.

The elusive Bag of Crap (or B.O.C. for short) is a fickle beast that may or may not show up during a Woot-off. You will know when it does because the servers will crash and all the users get very complainy and whiny and smug. Many of us are resigned to the fact that we shall not receive one and are $8 richer for the knowledge. Some of us have managed to sneak out a couple dozen or so in our time here.

Thank you for using Deals.Woot. To repeat, press 9. {/moviefone voice}


Welcome to Woot! I have nothing to add to what's already been said.

@lumpthar: Hello and welcome to moviefone


Select 3, hit the giant buy button. Repeat 1000X.


What they said. ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑


Welcome to Woot and watch out for addiction. As far as the site goes, @inkycatz has pointed you to the Wootbible. Personally when I began and even now, I've found that clicking every tab and link I see got me into a lot of interesting stuff and I followed my enjoyment. Also, when you hit a wall do what you did here Ask the community. When I have done so I have always received the best super sharp answers and have learned a bunch about urls, computer stuff in general, searching and other aspects of Woot. Finally, give yourself some time to learn and you will find yourself as the Maven.